The Best Trap Bar – Top-15 Options 2022

What is the best trap bar? As a life-long gym bro and powerlifting enthusiast, I researched 20 of the market’s trap bars and over 2000 genuine user reviews to determine the best trap bars in 2022.

I’ve found the best trap bar for most people is it’s the Rogue the TB-2 Trap Bar.

It is equipped with a modern precision sleeve that makes the bar 25% less heavy than 1.0. This is paired with the fact that the bar can be rackable, making it possible to do rack deadlifts as well as various presses, it is an ideal option for many garage gyms.

The Best Trap Bar - Top-15 Options 2022

Although the Rogue trap bar weighs just 60 pounds, it’s a sturdy, but not an overly stiff product that has been ACFT (Army Combat Fitness Test) certified which comes with a lifetime guarantee. Rogue’s trademark matte black finish and hexagonal shape make it an appealing product that is difficult to beat by competitors.

The main drawback to the trap bar is that the coating on the sleeves coated with a coating will eventually peel off because plates are loaded constantly.

1. Rogue TB-2 The Best Trap Bar

Rogue TB-2 - The Best Trap Bar

The Rogue Trap Bar, in my view, is ideal for the majority of people. It’s built to last, it has good specs, two handles, is made in the USA, and is reasonably priced.

The first thing you should think about regarding this bar Rogue TB-2 is that it comes with two handles. I suggest that people purchase trap bars that have dual handles because they enhance the range of use for the bar. High handles are ideal to train different types of motion. Those recovering from injuries or who are seeking to break through plateaus in their training will discover the high handles extremely useful. They are about 8 inches higher than the handles on the lower side. Both handles of 34mm have a moderate profile, however, the lower handles are the sole ones completely knurled from the end to the end. Even though the high handle has only an area of knurled center but it’s not important because lifters only hold the middle to keep the bar’s weight.

The frame made of hex in the TB-2 is 25 inches from the handle to the handle. This is a good distance as the handles naturally be in a relaxed position beneath the shoulders of most lifters. It is too narrow and some lifters feel like they are in a confined space. A distance that is too wide and some lifters feel less powerful because their arms are spread away. Corner gussets within the frame can increase your bar’s strength.

As you go to the sleeves there is a flat area in between the hex frame as well as the collar, which makes the bar rackable. A bar that can be rackable increases its general versatility as it allows the user to carry out a range of workouts in it (e.g. the rack pulling). The sleeve is 16” in length that’s close to the same length as the Olympic barbell. It means that you’ll be able to load loads of weight. Because of the strength of the pipe schedule 80, this bar shouldn’t have any issues handling the weight.

Two of the main disadvantages that come with the Rogue TB-2 are both related to the sleeves. First, they’re not Olympic-sized. This is not uncommon among numerous specialty bars however, this means that standard barbell collars will not function. You’ll need Axel collars and/or something similar to that of Prolog collars. I strongly suggest Prolog collars since they are able to be used with all kinds of barbells. Additionally, they are powder coated just like all the other bars. This is only cosmetic, however, the powder coatings will show signs of imperfections when you begin sliding plates onto and off.

Overall I would say that the TB-2 Rogue Trap Bar is an excellent option and, in addition, the one I would recommend to most people.

Pros & Cons

  • Two handles offer two different heights to raise from
  • The bar is rackable which allows for greater versatility
  • 16″loadable sleeve length is similar to the Olympic barbell length
  • The 25” wide center width is large enough to accommodate the majority of lifters easily
  • Corner gussets that increase the strength
  • Both handles are knurled
  • The sleeves coated with powder will exhibit wear and tear over time
  • Smaller diameter sleeves won’t fit into standard barbell collars

2. Titan Rackable Hex Trap Bar V2

Titan Rackable Hex Trap Bar - V2

Titan’s rackable Hex Trap Bar 2.0 is comparable in design, construction, and finishing to our top choice which is the Rogue TB-1 trap bar, with a few minor flaws. It’s a strong trap bar that has dual handles and a high-quality powder coating that unfortunately extends into the sleeves too. It is a sturdy Hex bar with the capacity to hold 800 pounds. It is comparable to the Rogue TB-1 in terms of capabilities, however, it lacks some of its features.

The bar can be technically rackable. However, Titan isn’t mentioning that it isn’t able to be mounted onto the J-cups and on the safety tips. Another issue with this bar is its bottom handle, which is most frequently used, has no knurling. It’s which is a design flaw we aren’t sure about and will have an impact on the lifting experience overall.

A common complaint about Titan’s trap bar is its distance of 22 inches between the handles. This is less than the industry norm, however, it shouldn’t be an issue for those who are taller than 6’1. In spite of its limitations, the Titan trap bar is among the most affordable trap bars available and we’d recommend it to the majority of gym owners with a tight budget.

Pros & Cons

  • 800-pound maximum capacity of weight
  • High-quality powder coating
  • Dual handles
  • There is no knurling on the bottom handle
  • A smaller distance between the handles
  • Do not accept normal collars

3. Kabuki Strength The TRAP Bar HD

Kabuki Trap Bar The Ultimate Review 2022

Chris Duffin’s specialized trap bar is a masterwork in terms of style and flexibility. It is a colossal capacity of 1500 pounds and is designed to permit lunges, back and forward extension of the triceps, and more. The overall feeling and the attention to detail that is present on this bar make its price reasonable from the very first time lifting.

Its Trap Bar HD comes with adjustable sleeves that can be removed, handle brackets, and interchangeable grips that come in three sizes. The built-in bar jack is also a desirable feature for those who are advanced lifters who want to unload and load their plates with greater comfort. The angles and welds on this bar are a sign of high-quality workmanship.

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It is one of the top trap bars available that are available and has just a few flaws. Although it’s versatile it’s not rackable, which is ideal if you are working with only a few pieces of equipment. The feet made of metal are an excellent feature, but at prices, we’d like to see a covering that could protect wooden floors.

There are some users who have noticed that the finish of the sleeve has diminished as time passes, and for those planning to lift weights using this bar the tubing’s square shape could make it uncomfortable. However, its bar is still one of the top-quality trap bars on the market. If you’ve got the money for it, it will be the very first and the only one you ever need for your gym at home.

Pros & Cons

  • Bar Jack with built-in bar
  • Maximum weight capacity 1500 pounds
  • Handle brackets that can be swapped
  • Not rackable
  • Metallic feet
  • Sleeve finish diminishes

4. The Prime Trap Bar

The Prime Trap Bar

Prime Fitness Trap Bar Prime Fitness Trap Bar is another solid trap bar that is cutting-edge with excellent design and features.

As you’ll notice, this Prime Bar has an open-end design with a built-in death lift Jack. The jack is squat with a rubber cap on its ends to ensure your floor is protected and make it much easier to unload and load plates. It’s also among the strongest trap bars available. With a weight of 73 pounds, it’s an incredibly strong bar that is capable of handling almost everything you put it through.

In addition to its open-plan style, the top quality that comes with the Prime bar is its handle system. The prime bar is its handle system. It is an extremely innovative and clever design that offers two major advantages. One is that it provides a variety of heights that can be quickly adjusted using the use of a simple pop-pin. Five options are available, ranging from standard barbells all the way to nine feet every one of them spaced by 1′. Lifters can adjust their starting point depending on the height of the user or the exercise they choose to do.

The other great benefit of these handles is the fact that they can be swapped. The bar comes with two 30mm Knurled handles. Then, you can choose to add your KAZ handles or RO-T8 handles. The handles of KAZ are knurled and have unique tapered designs which fit comfortably in the hand. The RO-T8 handles feature paddle grips that significantly reduce fatigue in the grip so that you can exercise your muscles more efficiently without limiting your grip.

The thing I like about this bar is that all handles are permanently attached to the adjustment tube making it possible to switch them out in minutes. However, the downside is that extra handles will increase the price, so when you purchase each one, you’ll end up spending more than $1100 on the bar. Another benefit to the handles is it allows for the size of 25” inside, which means it can allow the most lifting enthusiasts to use it comfortably.

The sleeves of this bar, just like those on the Kabuki Bar, are shipped disassembled, which helps save shipping costs. They’re simple to install and offer a variety of benefits. They have the Olympic diameter and are 16” in length, and they’re made of stainless steel. This is a fantastic feature that I’ve never seen in any other trap bar. The stainless is able to withstand the oxidation more effectively than any other finish. This keeps your bar looking more attractive for a longer time.

It’s distinctive with its adjustable handles it’s the Prime Trap Bar is the most flexible available of all its kinds. It’s costly to be sure however if you’re on the funds it’s a great choice.

Pros & Cons

  • The open-ended design can be very useful.
  • Built-in deadlift jack
  • Three different handles (standard Kaz, standard, and Paddle)
  • Five height choices ranging from standard height all the way to nine feet over
  • 16” loadable sleeve length
  • Steel sleeves made of stainless steel look fantastic and provide excellent protection
  • Most expensive option. The price increases to nearly $1,000 when all handles are purchased.
  • Not rackable

5. HulkFit Olympic Open-Frame Trap Bar

HulkFit - Olympic Open-Frame Trap Bar

HulkFit will appear on our list of favorite brands a few times. It’s since their trap bar is available in various shapes sizes, designs, and sizes.

They all serve the same goal, however, your personal preferences will determine which one you’re attracted by.

From the beginning to begin, their open trap bar serves as the final, ultimate open frame bar we suggest in our recommendations.

With a weight capacity of 1000lbs and an 83″ bar width, people of all levels of strength and stances, as well as sizes, will feel at home in the equipment.

Pros & Cons

  • Multiple designs, including frames for standard enclosures and an open-trap bar frame
  • 1000lb capacity weight capacity more capacity to carry loads than many of its competitors
  • The longer weight sleeves are heavier than the majority of other alternatives
  • There have been some reviews that have found certain discrepancies in the weight capacity

6. Synergee 20kg and the 25kg Chrome or Olympic Black Hex Barbell Trap Bar

Synergee 20kg and the 25kg Chrome or Olympic Black Hex Barbell Trap Bar

Synergee’s Olympic trap bar hex is a durable and versatile product that is suitable for advanced and upper-intermediate lifters. It can support up to 750 lbs, which is sufficient for the lifespan of the majority of athletes. Additionally, the fact that both handles are armed with a strong depth, as well as the regular knurling thickness makes it perfect to be used in a gym at home by all the family.

Despite its professional look and weight capacity that is superior We recommend this for females and seniors because of its comfortable frame and lightweight. The bar comes in a 45-pound or 55-pound version, with the former having only one handle set making it a great choice for those who want to preserve the strength of their muscles and function.

This bar is a great choice for lifters who can afford the money, but it can get a bad reputation for its poor chrome finish and general cosmetic aspect. In conjunction with the plastic’s shaky packaging, they’re not going to dissuade you from buying however they don’t meet our expectations of the product’s cost.

Pros & Cons

  • Two kinds of Knurling
  • Maximum weight capacity of 750 pounds
  • Good grips
  • Subpar finish
  • Frail packaging
  • Cosmetically deficient

7. Valor Fitness OB-HEX Super Trap Bar

Valor Fitness - OB-HEX Super Trap Bar

Valor Fitness’ OB-HEX “super” trap bar appears much more like a satellite device instead of a piece of gym equipment.

Primarily black, the 4 rotating handles are finished with polished chrome. The handles are different in size and allow you to switch the width of your grip as well as angle and degree of difficulty.

The bar is equipped with rubber stoppers on the bottom of the bar to provide stability, as well as to prevent any injury to the floor due to accidents involving drops.

Pros & Cons

  • The handles rotate to allow lifters to alter their grip width and height A wide range of variation
  • Rubber stoppers built into the floor protect floors from accidentally smashing
  • A maximum weight limit of 500lbs is not a problem for advanced lifters that wish to increase the weight of the bar
  • A greater quantity of parts in the construction increase the chance of breaking because of the wear and tear of inadequate welding

8. Eleiko Oppen Trap Bar

Eleiko Oppen Trap Bar

A different high-end open trap bar that is of high quality is The Eleiko Oppen Bar. The bar doesn’t come with the same range of handles that Prime Bars or the Kabukuki. Kabuki as well as the Prime Bars, however, does have a distinct characteristic.

The most appealing aspect of the Eleiko Trap Bar, in addition to its design that is open and its built-in deadlift jack, is that it can be rackable. Like we said earlier having a bar that can be rackable increases its versatility. One thing which makes Eleiko Bar even more versatile is the use of the tube steel that is rounded. What’s the reason? It’s possible to do cambered squats using it. This means you can include squats in the list of barbell exercises that you can do using this bar. Eleiko isn’t alone to come up with this idea (Intek or Movestrong) However, Eleiko has developed a superb bar for this exercise. Try it with the closed trap bar.. Actually do not.

It is worth noting that the Eleiko Oppen Bar has a single-height handle that I would consider a negative in comparison to other bars. The handle measures 29mm. This is the same with Eleiko’s renowned Olympic weightlifting bars, however, that’s thinner than the majority of trap bars. I like a heavier handle however if you’re looking for the barbell’s feel this one is perfect. It’s not just that, it comes with the same gorgeous Knurling that their famous barbells. The dimension that the bar has is less than 25 inches.

Similar to Kabuki or Prime bars like the Kabuki and Prime Bars, the Prime and Kabuki Bars, Eleiko Oppen Bar is a size of Olympic sleeves that are long enough to support a significant amount of weight. The bar’s weight is 500kg (1,100 pounds) and is an extremely durable bar. Sleeves are finished with hard chrome which is a typical sleeves application that looks nice for a long duration.

Although it’s true that the Eleiko Trap Bar doesn’t have the same bells and whistles as those of the Kabuki and Prime bars It’s a great open trap bar, and I consider it to be the top rackable trap bar currently on the market.

Pros & Cons

  • The open design increases versatility
  • The bar’s rack-ability enhances its flexibility further
  • The handles have a very refined knurling design
  • Round tubing is a great option for cambered squats
  • Built-in deadlift jack
  • The length of the sleeves is comparable with Olympic barbells
  • Hard chrome sleeves look better for longer
  • Costly for the average gym owner at home
  • One handle is only one height

9. Barbell CAP Olympic Trap Bar

Barbell CAP Olympic Trap Bar

The CAP Olympic Trap bar is our top recommendation for the best value and is an intermediate or intermediate lifter. Although it isn’t as refined as the features of the Rogue TB-1’s appearance, it’s an extremely reliable piece of equipment with the most durable coating of industrial powder that can be used in trap bar deadlifts, shrugs, and full-body exercises.

The bar is small and has 50 inches in length. This, combined with the feet that guard your floor makes it the cheapest trap bar you can get for your home gym on a budget. If you are planning to lift 500 pounds or more and are in a tight area, or you’re not planning to spend a lot on equipment, then this bar is the most effective option.

But, the trap bar of Cap has some limitations that are understandable given the price. It’s more solid than its premium counterparts and has been widely criticized for not having the grip’s knurling and the lack of room for hands.

If you’re looking for the cheapest trap bar without the features and design of the TB-1 for beginners, you can likely get by with this bar, and not ever need to upgrade because of its capabilities.

Pros & Cons

  • Dependable and long-lasting
  • Incorporated feet
  • Industrial powder coating
  • 500-pound weight limit
  • Slightly stiff
  • A small area for gripping

10. Titan Hex Trap Bar

Titan Hex Trap Bar

This Titan Hex Trap Bar Rackable is considered to be one of the best value trap bars you can find. With less than 275 dollars shipping, you will receive an item that, although it’s not ideal, will be similar to the higher-priced bars that are available.

At first glance at it, you could think that this bar appears to be remarkably similar to the Rogue T-2… And you’d be right, close to. It’s basically an identically-spec’d bar, with the exception of the diameter of the handle and the spread of the handle, which is 22 inches instead of 25 inches. It could therefore seem a bit too tight for some lifters. People with narrow shoulders will probably prefer this bar to the TB-2. The handle’s diameter measure 32mm as opposed. 34mm. If you’re a smaller person or are seeking something like the Olympic bar might prefer Rogue over the Titan bar over Rogue. Another difference can be found in the fact that Titan is manufactured in China as Rogue is manufactured in the USA.

This isn’t the only difference, but it is the Titan Hex Bar is quite similar to the TB-2. It has two handles that are knurled with medium-profile as well as powder-coated. It features corner gussets, as well as an advertised capacity of 800 pounds. It is as its title suggests, rackable which means you can do various movements using its power rack. The sleeves measure 16inches long, and aren’t Olympic sizes, so regular barbell collars will not be able to fit. The sleeves, like everything else on the bar, are powder coated, so they’ll display imperfections rapidly.

In the end, it all comes down to budget and tolerance to a tighter frame. If you’re a fan of the frame that measures 22 inches and want to get it, this Titan Hex Bar is going to be a tough one to beat in price given that the specifications are identical. Overall this bar is highly rated.

Pros & Cons

  • Height of the handle in both handles
  • Rackable features improve the functionality
  • Corner gussets to increase strength
  • 16” loadable sleeve length
  • 32mm handles with knurled handles
  • The best value trap bar for under $275 for shipping
  • The imperfections of powder-coated sleeves will be apparent rapidly
  • Non-Olympic sleeve diameter requires special collars
  • The 22” handle may feel tight to certain users.

11. GYMAX Olympic Hex Trap Bar

GYMAX Olympic Hex Trap Bar

GYMAX Olympic hex bar GYMAX Olympic trap bar equips users with adjustable handles.

They are attached to the frame, and they can be unlocked to either vertical or horizontal positions.

It lets lifters alter their hand positioning and also exercise flexibility. GYMAX offers a pair of snap springs to secure your plates following loading.

Pros & Cons

  • Mobile handles that are adjusted horizontally or vertically to provide various grips and ranges of motion
  • Simple, robust design that has adjustable parts to increase storage capacity
  • Knurling might be less opulent than other options but isn’t ideal for people who want a more sharp grip

12. Bells of Steel Unlocked Trap Bar

Bells of Steel Unlocked Trap Bar

Its Bells of Steel Open Trap Bar is a great alternative for budget-conscious buyers. It’s an extremely basic specification profile, however, it has an exclusive feature that you will not find on others trap bars.

This BoS bar features an open-ended design that as with the other BoS bars offers the possibility of exercising. It also has a deadlift jack, which makes lifting and unloading the plates a breeze. It’s constructed from 25mm tube steel, with a weight tolerance that is warrantied to be 700 pounds that’s enough for the majority of users.

The bar has two handles which are both knurled as well as coated with black oxide. If you’ve read my articles prior to now, you’ll know that I’m an enthusiast of black oxide barbells due to their superior quality of feel. Because it’s an elastomeric coating, it won’t hinder the knurling like chrome, powder coating, and chrome… do. This is why, even though it’s a medium-sized knurl, it gives a greater grip than another finish that is commonly found for trap bars. The disadvantage of the black oxide finish is it is more prone to oxidation as time passes. In addition, when it comes to handles, they’re also 25mm. This is something that some might find to be thin.

The main difference this bar has over other trap bars is the fact that it comes with rotating sleeves. This is a rarity among trap bars as well as many other specialty bars overall. Bells of Steel has taken the view that barbells should be equipped with rotating sleeves. That is why they have sleeves as part of the Safety Squat Bar. I don’t believe it’s a huge distinction in terms of performance, so it’s difficult to judge based on that only. However, it’s a distinctive aspect and it gives the sleeve an Olympic appearance and feel, as well as the Olympic diameter.

The main drawback of the bar would be that it has extremely short sleeves that are less than 10 inches. While it does have 700lbs of capacity, you won’t get the bumper plates you’d expect or even plates that aren’t calibrated. Iron plates generally will be the best option for this bar. The standard iron plates allow you to load more than 500 pounds and have enough space for a collar to the end.

If you’re looking to have an unobstructed trap bar, but you don’t need to shell more for premium alternatives then the Bells of Steel bar is an excellent choice… But take in the amount you’re planning to lift, and whether plates are available to fit it with its shorter sleeves.

Pros & Cons

  • Open-end design allows for greater versatility
  • Built-in deadlift jack
  • The rotating sleeves differ from other trap bars.
  • Knurled grips that have a black oxide finish give an attractive feel
  • Olympic-sized Zinc sleeves reduce the appearance of wear and tear
  • A great cost to get an all-inclusive trap bar
  • The length of the sleeve with a loadable capacity of less than 10 inches will limit the weight of what plates you’re using
  • A lower capacity for weight when compared with other options with an open-end

13. PEXMOR Olympic Hex Trap Bar

PEXMOR Olympic Hex Trap Bar

Returning to the basics. The Pexmor Olympic hex bar is what you’re likely to imagine when you think of an esoteric trap bar.

This bar of 45lbs is upgraded to 600lbs and is able to load any weight through the correct aperture of 2″ aperture.

Similar to GYMAX Pexmor offers a set of spring collars for weights when you buy any Hex bar.

Pros & Cons

  • The weight limit of 600 pounds is suitable for novices intermediates, intermediates, as well as advanced lifters
  • Long handles of various heights and knurling across the length of the hex bar. There are many different grip angles and positions
  • The package comes with two spring collars (2 ct)
  • The frame of the trap bar may be a bit limiting to taller people or those who have wider stances

14. Titan Rickshaw

Titan Rickshaw

If you do not have the space or the funds to buy a top-quality trap bar the first item to think about is the Rickshaw. Titan Fitness makes one for less than $150 shipped.

The rickshaw is a compact open-end bar that is taller than a trap bar and comes with one handle. It’s ideal for farmer’s carries and shrugs, however, it could also be employed for partial deadlifts for example… Handles aren’t knurled. They’re also smaller, at 1” (25mm). It is common for lifters to utilize straps using rickshaws. The spread of the handle is 24 inches which is enough space for most people, particularly when carrying out farmer’s carry.

The bar is set on a flat base, with high sleeves, which means that loading plates and unloading them are simple. The sleeves aren’t Olympic-sized and therefore you’ll need special collars. While they are “only” 13 inches in length, it is enough space to load them with the kinds of movements typically done using the Rickshaw.

The bar was designed to be an effective tool for strongmen. It’s not a trap bar however, it can do many aspects that an open-trap bar would do for a much lower cost and with less space.

Pros & Cons

  • The open design is ideal for carrying farmer’s equipment
  • The sleeves that are elevated make it simple to load plates and unload them
  • The internal width of 24 inches is enough for most lifters
  • A trap bar that is smaller than the traditional trap bar
  • The 13” sleeve’s length is a decent but not exceptional capacity for loading
  • Handles aren’t knurled, and some might find the diameter of 25mm to be too small
  • A trap bar is not quite as adaptable as a trap bar
  • Non-Olympic powder-coated sleeves may have imperfections and require special collars

15. CAP Mega Hex Bar

CAP Mega Hex Bar

It is the CAP Mega Hex Bar is a bit of a classic, cult cheap trap bar. The hex bar has been around for several years and collected a lot of mostly favorable reviews. Similar to the Synergee bar and the Synergee Mega Hex bar, the CAP Mega Hex bar is a standard design however, it does get the job completed.

It is made with 32mm of steel around the frame, hex, and handles, making it among the heaviest trap bars that are available. It weighs 75lbs and is able to handle 1,000lbs. It comes with two handles, both of which are Knurled and have an average-depth profile. The spread of the handle across the CAP Mega Hex Bar is 26 inches which give you a little more space when compared with the trap bars available on the market, and also those mentioned within this review.

The hex bar’s sleeves are similar to those on the Synergee bar mentioned above. They’ve got an Olympic diameter, are 10” in length, and are finished with hard chrome. Although the bar can handle loads of weight, it’s likely that you’ll never achieve it due to the smaller sleeves.

CAP hex bar is known for being among the top low-cost fitness equipment suppliers. However, quality control appears to be the primary issue. There won’t be the same quality fit and finish with this CAP Mega Hex bar that you’d get with the bars in this list however, for the price it’s a good alternative.

Pros & Cons

  • Very affordable hex bar
  • Dual handles
  • Both grips have knurled
  • 26” of internal width gives you extra room within the frame
  • With a weight of 75lbs and the weight of 1,000lb, it’s one of the most powerful trap bars that are available
  • Not rackable
  • Like other products in the CAP portfolio the quality control could be a problem
  • Short 10-inch sleeves restrict the number of plates that can fit on the bar

The Benefits of a Catch Bar

The Benefits of a Catch Bar

The trap bar hex was developed in the early 1980s by weightlifter Al Gerard, as a way to boost the weight of his deadlifts and lessen the risk of injuries. It has proved to be a valuable piece of equipment since then and is primarily due to being the most efficient method to deadlift for those who are new to the sport.

As compared to deadlifting with barbells, deadlifting with a barbell has been proven to provide numerous advantages (not to say there’s nothing wrong with deadlifting using the barbell) including greater performance in sports flexibility, and a lower chance of injuries.

A trap bar hex dramatically reduces the force exerted by the deadlift on the lumbar spine. It reduces the risk of lumbar hyperextensions and the risk of using a multi-grip (I.e. bicep injuries, unbalanced muscle development) It also provides an alternative that is safer than lifts that are overhead. No matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced powerlifter we would recommend giving the trap bar lifting to give them a go. For more information, check out an informative video that explains the difference between barbells and deadlifts using hex bars.

What to Look For When Purchasing Trap Bars

What to Look For When Purchasing Trap Bars

While it’s equipment for lifting weights it is important to know that the correct trap bar is a process with many complexities, and its performance, reliability, and durability are greatly dependent on them. For a simple outline, we’ve created five factors we believe will be the most significant in the experience of the majority of lifters who purchase their Hex bar.


The type of steel that the trap bar is made from must be considered with care. While it’s less crucial than the steel the barbell is made from due to its support structures, it will directly impact the load capacity for the bar, which can be an issue for athletes who are advanced.

Features and Functions

The typical trap bar is a simple piece of equipment however, different price points offer options with more versatility. Based on your preferences it is possible to consider ones that can be rackable and have either open or closed edges, two handles that allow for more exercises, and knobs for the best grip. The bar you choose for your next trip could be an easy one however you need to ensure its features match the cost.

Overall Design and Construction

The construction of the trap bar covers various aspects, from welding to adjustable sleeves, angles, and dimensions that could all restrict its use. For instance, a costly trap bar’s welding could allow for greater weight loads. Its size should comfortably accommodate the largest athletes and accommodate a wider variety of exercises, compared to the less expensive ones.


The knurling may be the least appreciated element of a hex trap bar, and can significantly impact your lifting performance. The most affordable trap bars may have no knurling. This may be fine for some lifters, but it will affect the overall performance. If you’re looking for a traditional Knurling or one that is more aggressive is your choice however you should be aware of this specific feature. It isn’t a good idea for your hex bar to slide from your hands when deadlifting or creating calluses after a couple of sets or walks with the farmer.


The surface of a hex trap bar is a major factor in its life span. The bars that are cheaper may begin losing their coating very quickly, particularly at the sleeves. Other bars could begin to rust around the welds, creating an unclean environment at your home fitness center. It is the standard for the industry but it’s not always the best choice, especially with regard to damage and wear on the sleeves. If you’re looking to purchase long-lasting bars for traps, we suggest one that has a higher-quality coating.

The Best Trap Bar Features

The Best Trap Bar Features

Prior to this point in time, there were not many trap bar styles. But, due to the proliferation of various styles and manufacturers of these designs, there are plenty of factors to consider when buying a trap bar.

We’ve attempted to identify the most obvious aspects of what you should look for in bars and then use them to inform our suggestions:

  1. Steel
  2. Knurling
  3. Overall Design
  4. Final

Like a barbell, the steel used in that trap bar has the primary feature. While it’s not as crucial in the grand scale of things like the tensile strength and strength of the barbell’s steel due to the fact that they’re more support structures inside the trap bar is important.

For example, the Olympic bar typically has more steel with a greater diameter than the trap bar. Also, it has a whip, and the whip is crucial to the characteristics that the bar. This is because I believe you must be aware of the type of steel used and, more importantly, you must be aware of the weight limit for the bar since that can influence the degree of rigidity when it is in use.

The majority of trap bars will be strong enough to support the weight you wish to lift if your sleeves aren’t too long, however, some bars bow when they are weighed and not only make them more uncomfortable but also aren’t as secure.

The knurling on the trap bar is crucial. For those who aren’t aware that the knurling is the portion that has a cross-hatched design on bars that provide support to grip. We believe that the knurling on bars for traps is crucial as a lot of businesses use a knurl with a cheesegrater or even nothing on the bar (and almost any specialty bar) however, the trap bar specifically requires an effective knurl. If you are expecting anyone to pull heavy weight with straps on, then you need a high-quality Knurl that plays an important role in the successful completion of the lifting.

With some of the top trap bars, manufacturers are beginning to realize that the knurling design utilized on the trap bars is worth the time to study. Certain of our selections feature a knurling design that is higher than 90% of barbells that are on the market, whereas some of the cheaper barbells have low-quality Knurling.

Another aspect to consider is the overall design of the bar which is related to something brand new to the marketplace. For a long time, the trap bar has been pretty much identical to its competitors. There might be a few slight tweaks, but all in all, it was the same basic design. There is some debate over who came up with the original trap bar with an open-ended design, but it is believed to be made by Intek Strength’s functional trap Bar (a great bar, to be sure.) But what is most important is the fact that since its conception this design was copied, and refined numerous times.

An open-ended design is an improved design. The most open-ended trap bar has all the advantages of a traditional trap bar, and even more. A trap bar that’s not enclosed can be used for a variety of purposes. In a flash, more moves can be performed when using a bar typically used to perform deadlifts. and this is great for anyone who runs a gym at home.

The final characteristic of the bar that you should be conscious of is the finish. This is a feature that can be improved by a variety of businesses today with respect to the entire range of specialty bars. However, for now, you can expect the bar to be powder coated in some way.

Important Points to Take into Account When Purchasing The Best Trap Bar

Important Points

Handle Height

Trap bars typically have two main handles either single or double height. Single handles let lifters pull at similar heights as conventional barbells. Dual handles permit this, as well as the ability to lift from a higher height for partial range-of-motion lifting. This is beneficial in case you’re training for a particular issue or are dealing with an injury. For that Prime Trap Bar listed above, there are a number of sizes of handles.

Open vs. Closed

The current debate on the best trap bars is whether to choose an old-fashioned closed hex frame or an open-end style. Both come with pros and cons however, the open-ended design is definitely more flexible. It offers an increased variety of exercise options, comes with a deadlift jack built-in as well as is placed in a more convenient location. The disadvantage is that the trap bar with an open design is a lot more expensive. Ask yourself if you need the added versatility/features. If so and it’s within your budget, I’d suggest an open-ended bar.


A major benefit of the best trap bars is their capacity to be racked as a barbell. With a rackable trap bar, you are able to perform moves like rack pulls overhead presses, rows that are inverted, pull-ups that have a neutral grip as well as squats. Rackability isn’t an essential attribute however it’s nice to have when you are performing the same types of moves.


The knurlings on the handle of a trap bar may vary from bar to bar and the finishing of the handles. The majority of the best trap bars feature a powder-coated finish, or a chrome/zinc finish. The knurling on these bars tends to have moderate texture, but not entirely inactive, but definitely not abrasive. Bars coated with powder tend to be less abrasive than those with a plated finish. This Kabuki strength Trap Bar is the one with the most perfect grip that any other trap bar I’ve experienced.

Sleeve Length

Sleeve length is an extremely important aspect to take into consideration when it comes to choosing a trap bar. The majority of people are able to lift more weight using the trap bar than they could with a barbell. However, many trap bars come with sleeves that are smaller than the typical Olympic bar and, in some instances, even shorter. This limits the amount of weight you can add to the bar. Before purchasing an e-trap bar, consider the weight you can lift and the type of plates you’ll use. Plates calibrated, for example, can allow you to carry loads of weight using shorter sleeves. Bumper plates, on contrary, can limit your load to 315lbs, or lower.

Diameter of the Sleeve

Another thing to take into consideration is the size of the sleeves. It is common to find that trap bars are smaller in diameter than traditional Olympic barbells. It’s fairly commonplace for specialty bars, but increasingly, they are beginning to shift to the Olympic diameter. The reason is that a smaller size isn’t able to allow for traditional barbell collars. It’s either axle collars or Proloc collars. I would highly recommend Prolocs, regardless of the size because they can be worn on any sleeve and perform very well. I’ve used Prolocs for a long time, and they’re the collar I use most often.

Sleeve Finish

Another aspect to be considered in sleeve selection can be the finishing. A sleeve coated with powder can be an indication of having a smaller diameter. The sleeve will also exhibit imperfections quickly. When you begin moving plates around the powder coat, it scratches, chips, and eventually fades. The sleeves of zinc and/or chrome are usually an indication of Olympic size and tend to look better with time.

Bar Weight

In contrast to Olympic barbells, which have constant weights of 20kg or 45lbs the trap bar can range in weight from 45lbs up to 70lbs. This can force you to do more math in your gym and, in other words, it’s not a major difference worth noting.

Weight Rating

The different trap bars have various weight ratings. While top-quality bars can provide ample capacity for the majority of lifters, you should look at the options available for budget-friendly prices. For instance, some bars are only able to handle 500lbs of capacity, even though they have a sleeve that is long enough to accommodate more. It’s not a problem for those who aren’t heavy lifters. However, if you are, you should choose bars that are able to take the weight.


Like with all products budget is an important aspect for many. Trap bars range in price between $150 and more than $1,000. Think about the features that are the most important to you, and select the bar that offers at a price that is within your budget.

The Best Trap Bar FAQs

Are trap bars any good?

Deadlifts using a trap bar strengthen the glutes, hamstrings, and back. The primary benefit is that they cause less strain on the spine of the lumbar region as compared to barbell deadlifts. This is crucial for people suffering from back pain. These deadlifts require less expertise than barbell deadlifts and are simpler to master.

What is the trap bar world record?

Although there’s no official list of the world’s trap bar deadlift record Pena’s 1,005-pound deadlift to five is definitely the (if it’s not even the) heaviest pulls ever. When compared to a conventional deadlift bar the trap bar has a hexagonal and features the lifter sitting within the cage or in the center.

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