How Much Is Crossfit – 2022 Membership Prices

Are you looking into the cost of crossfit membership for an CrossFit box?

How Much Is Crossfit Memberships Around The World per month?

It’s possible that you’ll be getting some cost shock by crossfit gym, as it’s somewhat more expensive than the traditional gym.

CrossFit crossfit rates are fairly high.

However, there are some reasons why this is the case and we’ll explore.

We’ll also show you some price points that are current which will allow you to compare shopping.

We’ll also provide you with a few tips and tricks to enjoy the best CrossFit experience for less.

A CrossFit coach supervises a team of athletes who perform boxes jumps. The group-training aspect of CrossFit is an essential component of its efficacy.

Average CrossFit Membership Prices

We looked over a variety of CrossFit gyms across all over the United States, and here’s what we discovered.

CrossFit Average Unlimited Gym Membership Plan

Each box offers been provided with an all-inclusive gym membership choice. This means that you are able to take as many classes you’d like, with a lot of specific classes are also offered (such for Olympic lifting sessions.)

We discovered that the average monthly cost to join an unlimitted CrossFit Membership cost was $186 (with no long-term contract. )


Crossfit prices varied from as low at $140 (Arkansas) to up upwards to $299 (New York City).

Crossfit prices are higher in the dense urban regions (New York, San Francisco, Seattle) Just like all other activities.

It is worth shopping at the market, though. We did notice substantial price differences in several cities that have multiple boxes.

Average Cost for 3 times a week CrossFit Membership

“Unlimited” can be described as a great deal of CrossFit.

Maybe you are facing a difficult job, family or other commitments , and you might be better off with three times per week crossfit membership.

This can save you cost and almost every box offers this kind of plan (some even offer a two every week schedule.)

We determined the average price for a three class weekly plan was $154.

This is a savings of $30/month over the unlimited plan.

Prices varied from as low as $96/month (Tennessee) up to $230/month (again in New York).

Average Crossfit Prices One on One Personal Training

CrossFit personal training rates are on par with the majority of personal training.

We discovered that the average rate of the crossfit personal trainer cost $75 per hour including discounts on blocks of several hours.

Average Drop-in Fee for CrossFit

Are you away from your usual box?

To have a blast and experience, you could drop by our local box.

Every box comes with an option to drop-in.

We determined the average cost for a drop-in at $20.

The lowest we found for a drop-in drop-in was $17. The highest was $30 (guess which place?)

Many box offices offer week-long drop-in passes with a huge discount.

(But how many hours of CrossFit is realistically achievable during a week, if you’re taking vacation for work or holiday with your family?)

CrossFit isn’t inexpensive. Let’s look at the reasons why.

What is the reason CrossFit so expensive?

What is the reason why CrossFit cost so many dollars?

What is it that makes CrossFit so significantly cheaper over Planet Fitness or any other major fitness company (globogym)?

There are two primary reasons in not in any particular order:

  • Coaches with expertise
  • Small-group crossfit class that include instructors who are hands-on

A CrossFit gym class should have at minimum one certified coach.

Compare it to a normal gym where you can wander around doing whatever you like without supervision and with probably no results to be proud of!

The classes could be limited to a certain size and it’s unpractical to have a 50-person class.

There aren’t any huge classes for groups in CrossFit but there’s an limit to the number of individuals a coach or assistant will be watching.

(Compare this with your usual large crossfit gym chain the cost of this facility is spread across thousands of members who train with no supervision . Many of whom attend only once or twice per year.)

Furthermore, since the group class (supervised by a highly skilled trainer) are the primary means of delivery of CrossFit which implies that the gym space isn’t in use during the majority of the time.

The facility rental must be paid.

The group class approach is an integral part of CrossFit magic however it creates an environment of camaraderie, and makes exercising enjoyable.

Your friends and fellow CrossFit participants will be cheering you on and assist you in breaking through plateaus.

There’s a good chance you’ll form many friendships.

You’ll likely feel more inspired than the gym, and this means you’ll see positive results!

(The alternative is that CrossFit employs extremely effective exercises and avoids a lot of the unnecessary activities that are found at a gym.)

You are paying for.

What are you not paying for?

A lavish facility that has carpet mirrors, a mirrored area along with potted and fern bushes.

Expensive fitness gym equipment (the plates, barbells dumbbells, rigs, and plates employed in CrossFit are not very expensive and require absolutely nothing to do the majority of bodyweight exercises).

The air conditioning (Most boxes are bare bones but that’s part of the enjoyment.)

The equipment used in CrossFit isn’t particularly expensive. You are paying for small group instruction with a skilled coach or trainer.

How to Reduce the crossfit membership prices

In our research of costs, we discovered many clever ways to reduce the crossfit membership prices.

We’ve already covered the first point. talked about already.

Do you really need this Unlimited crossfit membership?

Are you able to make use of all classes that are available?

A lower-cost plan might be a better choice.

Certain boxes provide two classes per week, and 3 classes per week for a significant savings.

The crossfit gyms that are in high demand might provide “off-peak” and “mid-day” plans. This means you are able to attend in the middle of the day but not during times when the gym is at its peak.

Do you have a very inconsistent schedule to attend the fitness center?

It is possible to get an Punch card program. It allows you to attend a variety of classes at any time you want.

These options could help you save money.

Second, many boxes offer reduced gym membership rates for the following reasons:

  • Active Military
  • Retired Military
  • Full-Time Student (College)
  • Teacher/Educator
  • Nurse
  • Religious Clergy
  • Medical Residents
  • First Responder Law Enforcement, EMT, Firefighter

All boxes are not created with the same discounts, so be sure to inquire.

Many boxes also offer discounts for couples or families discounts, so make sure to look into the crossfit unlimited couple membership.

The majority of boxes will offer you an extra month free for referring new members , too So, get your entire team to join.

Finally, we discovered that most box have “pay by the hour” as well as “no commitment.”

However, if you’re willing to make a payment for 3 months, six months or even a whole year up at the beginning, you will receive an enormous discount.

Be sure that you’re willing to commit to this amount of attendance before you sign the”dotted line…

Some boxes provide online programming, too.

However, it’s a completely different animal, as there’s no chance to experience the collective vibes of CrossFit.

CrossFit membership Cost- In the Summary

CrossFit costs more than the traditional gym.

This is due to the emphasis on group instruction and the individualized instruction.

It’s more expensive however it’s also more enjoyable (even addicting) and could provide superior results over a typical gym.

If you research and then purchase the best plan you could save a significant amount of money.

CrossFit uses super-effective exercises, like the Olympic lifts. Shown here is the “snatch” – using power to move a heavy barbell overhead quickly.

We’ve examined CrossFit fees for memberships across all over the United States and the world and, after accumulating more than 1,400 data points, we’ve made some intriguing findings. In the US the average CrossFit membership cost $155.98 monthly. The majority of CrossFit clubs offer memberships with unlimited visits.

What is the most expensive country? Does NYC an expensive? What in the world on Earth is the most affordable box?

How Much Is Crossfit Memberships Around The World

Below is the cost of an unlimited CrossFit membership around the globe. The countries with the highest prices include:

  • Hong Kong, with an average monthly cost of $315.63
  • Korea is a popular destination, with an average monthly cost of $250
  • Cayman Islands, with an average monthly cost of $240.

The United States is ranked number 11, following countries like Japan, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Costs of CrossFit memberships in the United States

Below you will find an overview of the cost of an unlimited CrossFit memberships in each US state. The states with the highest prices include:

  • District of Columbia, with an average monthly cost of $260.
  • New York, with an average monthly cost of $203.77
  • Rhode Island, with an average monthly cost of $183.50

Unexpectedly, California ranks at number sixth, which is right behind Hawaii.

Prices vary across membership types.

There are a variety of memberships:

  • Unlimited
  • 3 days per week
  • 4 days per week
  • 5 days per week
  • Couples and families
  • Other (Open Gym, Weightlifting, etc.)

The most expensive CrossFit gyms around the globe

If you’re interested Here’s a list of the top 32 expensive CrossFit gyms around the globe. They are all found in United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan or Dubai. Below, you’ll find three most expensive in USD.

  • Crossfit Asphodel in Hong Kong for $351 per month with an annual membership that is unlimited.
  • Crossfit Central in London priced at $331.25 monthly for an annual membership that is unlimited.
  • CrossFit Vauxhall in London with a cost of $331.25 each month, for unlimited access.

How can you make CrossFit more affordable?

If the expense of CrossFit is making it difficult to get started there are ways to make it less expensive.

  • Pay each year. Many gyms offer a 10% or 20 percent cut in the cost of signing 12 or 6 month contracts.
  • Join three classes per week, and then do the rest of your exercises at your home. By signing up for the three-classes-per-week membership will help you save money. You can perform exercises using your bodyweight or take a run on other days.
  • Make a home gym. A home gym can cost between $2,500 and $5,000 to equip it with CrossFit equipment. It’s an all-in-one cost (other other than the maintenance) that can be a savings over the long-term.
  • Train on the internet. Make use of online CrossFit memberships for the moment. CrossFit Invictus along with CompTrain have been two among the more well-known options for athletes who compete.
  • Find your CrossFit L-1 certificate and coach. Coaches typically receive an unpaid membership at their gym, in addition to an unlimited use of the fitness center. The L-1 certification is $1000 however, you are able to earn a salary to coach and train at no cost!
  • Intern or work to earn your membership in different ways. If you’re short on cash, make a call to at your gym. Check if you are able to participate in an exchange for goods or services that can get you an unrestricted or free membership. Cleaning up after your children or providing children’s care to other members during class are two options that are popular.
  • Improve your skills in CrossFit workouts. Many gyms allow professional CrossFit participants train no cost or at a discounted cost. You may also be able to find sponsors who cover your membership (as as well as equipment, food and other equipment).


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