How To Do Crossfit Devil Press

How To Do Crossfit Devil Press

Crossfit devil presses (sometimes known as a devil’s push) are an all-in-one exercise and full-body exercise. If you’re looking to increase your speed, strength, and fitness, this can do all that. It’s a lot harder than it appears and completing just a few reps may result in you in a sweat. Let’s look at what the devil press actually is in terms of the benefits that it provides.

How To Do a Devil Press

The Devil’s Press is a compound exercise that is similar to burpees, but without the jump, but with dumbbells. This is a CrossFit styled exercise that is often used in exercises and competitions. Two dumbbells are used that are equal in weight when performing the Devil’s Press. If you’ve ever completed the burpee, you’re able to envision the effort required to perform the Devil Press.

How To Do Crossfit Devil Press

Imagine a burpee, deadlift, snatch love child, and you’ll get the Devil Press. This move came onto the fitness scene with CrossFit WODs a few years back and isn’t likely to be going anywhere soon.

  • Place your feet at a shoulder distance, with a dumbbell or two placed in front of you.
  • You can lower yourself to an upright place (and push the feet back) and hold dumbbells, not placing them on your floor.
  • Lower your chest until you are on the floor, before lifting yourself out of the position, just like you would do doing a burpee while maintaining your grip on the dumbbells.
  • Once you have reached an upright posture, perform the snatch of a dumbbell (which involves lifting the dumbbells up to the overhead location).
  • Keep the dumbbells in your overhead position for a short time, then lift them towards your side.
  • lower your body into an upright position. Repeat until you have completed the.

Coach’s Note: The coach’s tip is that there are many things happening in this exercise, so initially begin with a light set of dumbbells. And even if you’re comfortable you should keep it light since the focus is on the endurance of your muscles, not the absolute strength. The snatch of the dumbbell (bringing the dumbbells above your head) is a movement that swings, rather than an unmoving shoulder press (which is always a less weight).

The movement should be a one fluid motion, so make sure to avoid long breaks.

If you’re able to just do as many reps before you feel the heat, you’ve probably chosen dumbbells that aren’t heavy.

The technique is paramount in more intricate moves such as those of the Devil Press. The right amount of intensity is essential since being too quick could cause an incorrect technique and increase the chance of injuries.

Devil Regression Of Press Movements

A lot of things are happening in this exercise, especially the Devil Press, so we would like to break it into stages. This allows you to practice different movements in the exercise, before joining them to complete the exercise.

Devil Regression Of Press Movements

1. Up Downs

An up-down can be described as a modified burpee. It removes the jump and pushes out of the burpee. It’s a great way to learn to drop down to the ground and then kick the legs back and drive the hips forward by using the hip flexors and bringing your feet back to your hands. Although it’s less difficult than an entire burpee it’s nevertheless a powerful and exhausting complete body exercise.

2. Burpee Without Jump

Once you’re comfortable performing the up-down move, then the following step would be the lower of your thighs, chest, and hips towards the floor after you have kicked the legs inwards.

3. Deadlift Dumbbell Sumo

After you’ve mastered the burpee-like move after which you’ll be able to focus to improve your sumo deadlift move. Begin by taking an open stance in front of the dumbbells. Then, hold the dumbbells in an open grip. You will then lower your hips. In this deadlifting position in sumo do a few reps in which you lift the dumbbells off the floor by stretching your hips and knees until standing up straight.

4. Burpee with Sumo Deadlift

Now you’re in the stage where you’ll combine two movements to create a fluid motion. The first step is to drop down to perform a burpee followed by an adipose deadlift. Concentrate on keeping your shoulders back and your chest back while you push your hips forward in the sumo deadlift. This can be very helpful when you’re ready to connect all the pieces together to do the Devil Press.

Burpee with Sumo Deadlift

5. Single Dumbbell Snatch

The next movement you’ll need to master is the snatching of dumbbells. Begin with one dumbbell at a time to master the cues for movement. After that, take a Sumo stance by placing the dumbbell on your right foot. Next, bend your hips and knees to reach down to grasp the dumbbell. From there, rapidly stretch your knees and then your hips, as you lift the weight upwards, then turn your shoulder and elevate the weight over your head.

6. Double Dumbbell Snatch

Once you’ve achieved one dumbbell’s snatch down The next step is to work using two dumbbells simultaneously. The most important thing to remember is to make use of the force generated by the hip extension and knee to assist in lifting the weight upwards. Keep the dumbbells near your body while they move across your body This isn’t an exercise in kettlebells.

The Devil Press Benefits

As we said earlier the devil press can pack a massive punch. Here are some reasons why you should integrate them into your workout.

Strength Gains

The burpee is technically the push-up type. When you add the dumbbells that raise your feet off the ground it’s actually an exercise at an insufficient level. Also, the chest needs to move further in order to reach the floor.

The devil press is also (again kind of) the weighted squat. In this instance, it’s an exercise that’s weighted.

Even though the snatch component is primarily focused on explosiveness (more on it in a minute) It still requires strength to hold the dumbbells overhead.

Improved Explosiveness

Imagine the kettlebell swing. What is the best way to raise the kettlebell? You don’t have to work it up. Instead, you utilize your hips and glutes to push it up, while using your arms basically directing it in the correct direction. Keep both arms locked.

Improved Explosiveness

Devil Press is a comparable story. Your glutes and hips are responsible for lifting the dumbbells above your head. This means that this workout is great for increasing your strength and explosiveness.

Additionally, this applies to a variety of other activities you perform in the gym like box jumps as well as the Olympic lifts Both of which require high intensity.

An increase in Cardiovascular Endurance

You’re aware of how hard burpees can be. Then add two dumbbells to the mix. If anything can make cardio more difficult then it’s the addition of weight.

When you are experimenting with this exercise, keep in mind that you shouldn’t compromise your form in the name of reps or weight. Begin with a gentle weight to ensure that you get the hang of it. After that, look into moving to a more difficult.

Full Body Moving

The Devil Press is a complete body exercise that works the upper as well as lower body. If you’re searching for one exercise that can provide a full-body exercise then look no further than the Devil Press.

Not only does it work the upper as well as lower body muscles, but it also aids in developing many fitness traits, such as coordination, balance, strength, and endurance.

Muscular Endurance

The Devil Press is made up of a variety of “mini” moves… there’s the burpee, the push-up as well as the snatch.

The addition of dumbbells takes these exercises into the upper echelon.

Muscular Endurance

Your muscles will have to exert a lot of effort to move the weight around However, they’ll also need to increase their endurance in order to be able to endure the repetitions.

It’s a part that’s often neglected however the endurance of muscles is another beneficial attribute to build to improve overall health and well-being.

Cardiovascular Health

Making the choice to use lighter dumbbells after a vigorous intense, repeated Devil Press workout will undoubtedly result in you feeling exhausted. It is a great complement to any kind of cardio exercise for burning calories and general fitness.

If running isn’t your thing, then a Devil Press workout could be an excellent option to look into.

Balance and Coordination

Training isn’t only about strength gain and weight reduction… It can help improve all kinds of physical and practical qualities that impact the overall quality of life and well-being. The two most important (that are often overlooked in training) are balance and coordination.

The dumbbell snatch component of Devil Press particularly requires your muscles to be coordinated for your swinging movement.

The overhead weights will alter the center of gravity. This will naturally force your core muscles to help stabilize and balance your body.


The Devil Press is quite a complex exercise that requires good technique and health… however, the benefits aren’t to be missed.

It’s the perfect workout to build muscular endurance, strength, and total body conditioning.

The question is: do you have the courage to tackle the task?

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CrossFit Devil Press F.A.Q.

What are devils Press in Crossfit?

The Devil Press is an exercise that uses two dumbbells of the same weight. It is in essence a mix of a dumbbell burpee and a Double dumbbell grab. The following standards for movement are taken from WODAPALOOZA.

What does Devil Press do?

It is a great exercise for all ages. Devil’s Press is a full body workout that will engage all the muscles in yours. It targets shoulders and back muscles however your glutes, chest, as well as your quads, and the core, will also be involved to finish the exercise.

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