The Most Actual Crossfit Open Leaderboard 2022

The Most Actual Crossfit Open Leaderboard 2022

Today let’s talk about crossfit open leaderboard. You’re perfect while we train for benchmarks at our affiliates all through the year The CrossFit Games Open is the opportunity to test how we compare to other CrossFitters from around the world and also for us to have the chance to compete against one another and show your fitness.

What is the Crossfit Open?

This year, the CrossFit Games has moved back to the original date of February-March, but it has been cut from 5 weeks to 3 weeks. This marks the official start of the 2022 CrossFit Games competitive season.

The Open comprises three training sessions spread over three weeks. It begins with the initial workout 22.1 to be announced on Thursday, February 24, 2022.

The Most Actual Crossfit Open Leaderboard 2022

The Open exercises are identified by the year they have been created and the order they appear in. These workouts are available on Thursdays throughout the 3 week Open and every Sunday, the exercise is one of the “Workout for the day” in UNLEASHED. No matter if you’re trying to be the one of the fittest, or just try to test how you can do it It’s going to be a great and exciting time at UNLEASHED.

2022 Crossfit Open Recap

Saxon Panchik was able to keep the name of his family at an elite level just like his brother Scott Panchik. Saxon was capable of securing his first-place finish at the 2022 Open with a score of 25 points, finishing third, thirteenth and ninth over the three Open exercises.

Matt Poulin managed a strong second-place finish with just three points in between himself and Saxon. Justin Medeiros took the last place on the podium, scoring 31 points. We’re certain Justin is looking forward to returning for the 2022 CrossFit Games to defend his title as the Fittest Man on Earth.

On the female side, the highest position in the Leaderboards was occupied by 2021 CrossFit Rookie of the Year Mal O’Brien. She managed to secure first place with only four points (lower points have a higher rank) and was the winner of the 22.1 Open workouts and placed second in the following two Open exercises.

2022 Crossfit Open Recap

With her imminent official win, Mal O’Brien has become the youngest CrossFit athlete to be the winner of the CrossFit Open at just the age of 18. The record was earlier owned by Annie Thorisdottir who was the winner of the competition’s global title in 2011, at age 21.

Tia Clair Toomey snatched second place, scoring seven points, including two first-place finishes as well as fifth-place finish. Haley Adams was the last participant on the podium, scoring 38 points as of the close of the three exercises.

Cash prizes are awarded to athletes who place in the top 5 male and female athletes competing in the Open First-place winners are given $15,000 USD. This year’s CrossFit Open results are based on the athlete’s ranking worldwide. Check out the custom leaderboard.

2022 Crossfit Open Leaderboard Workouts Results

The scores of athletes around the world are calculated using an algorithm for scoring determined by the position they reached in their CrossFit Open workouts 22.1, 22.2, and 22.3. The top spot earns one point, while second place gets two points, and each successively adds one point. The lowest scores lead to an overall higher ranking on the leaderboard.

2022 Crossfit Open Result Men’s Division

Rank Points22.1 22.222.3
1.Saxon Panchik (USA)25 3rd (380 reps)13th (7:47)9th (4:30)
2. Matt Poulin (USA)2810th (364 reps)7th (7:37)11th (4:31)
3. Justin Medeiros (USA)315th (372 reps)19th (7:53)7th (4:29)
4. Colten Mertens (USA)3523rd (361 reps)8th (7:39)4th (4:24)
5. Phil Toon (USA)3811th (363 reps)4th (7:33)23rd (4:44)
6. Victor Ljungdal (SWD)461st (390 reps)17th (7:50)28th (4:48)
7. Jay Crouch (AUS)5311th (363 reps)31st (8:02)11th (4:31)
8. Scott Tetlow (USA)7256th (350 reps)15th (7:49)1st (4:07)
9. Cédric Lapointe (CAN)842nd (388 reps)78th (8:26)4th (4:24)
10. Dallin Pepper (USA)876th (369 reps21st (7:5860th (5:00)

2022 Crossfit Open Women’s Division Results

1. Mal O'Brien (USA)41st (392 reps)2nd (7:09)1st (4:11)
2. Tia-Clair Toomey (AUS)75th (375 reps)1st (7:05)2nd (4:12)
3. Haley Adams (USA)3814th (366 reps)16th (8:13)8th (4:44)
4. Laurie Clément (FRA)4110th (369 reps)11th (8:06)20th (5:05)
5. Brooke Wells (USA)4321st (363 reps)6th (7:56)16th (4:56)
6. Emma McQuaid (IRE)5819th (364 reps)6th (7:56)33rd (5:11)
7. Alexis Raptis (USA)664th (380 reps)40th (8:35)22nd (5:06)
7. Ellie Turner (AUS)6614th (366 reps)26th (8:27)26th (5:10)
9. Andrea Solberg (NOR)8414th (366 reps)9th (7:58)61st (5:24)
10. Jamie Simmonds (NZ)8624th (362 reps)42nd (8:36)20th (5:05)

Teamwork Makes Dream Teamwork

In the past, we’ve separated the training into teams, but this year we will tackle this in a group while being a community celebrating together. It will be a time to compete, cheer and scream while watching athletes tackle whatever CrossFit has planned for us. The coaches and athletes will be judging and counting the reps you have completed during the exercises. This year, we’ll perform every Open workout in conjunction with an UNLEASHED workout that will transform the workout into a SAVAGE each Sunday for three workouts weeks.

Savage Social

At the end of each SAVAGE Open week by participating in a celebration in a local establishment. Come join us after your workout to drink and celebrate our community.

The Objective Of The CrossFit Open

The Open is the initial stage to qualify for the CrossFit Games. Any athlete who would like to participate in the Games must first go through the Open within their own region.

It’s a chance for every athlete of any level to take part in the competition. It will add meaning and meaning to your workout and also bring your gym’s communities closer. (As a general rule it is that this time around, the Open season is the one time in the year that there are many people who achieve significant firsts like the bodyweight snatch exercise, muscle-ups toes-to-bars, handstand push-ups double-unders, etc.)

The most important thing is that most importantly, the Open will also provide you with some fascinating data about your workout performance and can be used as the basis for creating realistic goals for the coming year.

It Sounds Fantastic, But Why Should I Sign Up? I’m Not Going To the Games…

A tiny percentage of athletes be able to make it into the Games. Although I understand the feeling that “Why do I bother?” I really encourage you to consider participating as you’ll be a part of an international event that will represent your affiliate. Every affiliate worldwide is able to participate in the Open and it’s amazing We don’t want any of you to be left out of the fun!

Affiliate owners can make use of their member’s performance data to decide if and how the training program needs to change in the next year. For instance, if the majority of members of the gym aren’t able to do chest-to-bar pull-ups in comparison to all other gyms in the area, trainers could try to increase the ability of the gym’s members.

The easiest way to keep yourself focused in the Open (and through CrossFit) is If you’re dedicated to keeping track of your performance.

Yes, But I Don’t Know. I’ve Done CrossFit For A Few Years Already. What’s the Point?

If you’ve been practicing CrossFit for at least a year All it takes is a little bit of competition truly bring out the best in you. It’s easy for you to lose focus when you don’t get pushed beyond the level you think you are able to achieve.

It’s also an honest assessment of your performance for those who have been slow in your classes this past year, or if you’ve been unable to stick to the standards in the name of speed. When you’ve written the word “Rx” next to the name of your instructor on the board perhaps that wasn’t the situation. It could be that you should track your reps accurately and strive for virtuosity with your movements, or, at minimum, you should be able to achieve the full range of motion for your reps!

What's the Point?

If you’ve been thinking about participating in a local competition taking part in the Open is the perfect opportunity to gain a sense of the experience be judged and competing in a CrossFit competition. Although you might not get to regionals, the thrill of performing the same exercise in the same way as Games athletes is an enjoyable part to include in your routine fitness.

Then, think about the Open is merely an assessment of your fitness level at a particular date in time. Perhaps you’re recovering from an injury or just came back to fitness after a break. It is easy to come up with an excuse and avoid participating. The Open could be the trigger to help you get back on track at the gym.

What’s Up With Me? I’ve Only Been Doing Crossfit For 2 Weeks!

Even if beginner (yes all of you who completed Foundations this month) You can still take part at the Open. Each Open workout will include an exercise that is scaled, which anybody can participate in. These workouts won’t be any more difficult than the ones you do every day.

Take the Open as an occasion to establish an appropriate performance benchmark for CrossFit. I can assure you that you’ll be amazed at the progress you make if you keep going in training CrossFit training and test again next year.

Data = Progress In Training

What’s the most valuable thing about participating at the Open is keeping a full history of your previous performances. Noting down your workout results is a crucial (if not the most important) element to see an improvement in your fitness.

Apart from providing a good real-time assessment of your ability and fitness level, You’ll also find that review of all your past records can be helpful in setting goals.

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