Trials Crossfit

The Trials Crossfit

Loud And Live Sports announced on their Instagram page the launch of “The Trials, an online fitness competition that kicks off on the 4th of December with regional qualifying and will conclude in January with live coverage on the day’s finals.

Specifics of The Trials Crossfit

The contest starts with regional qualifiers which are broken down into three regions: Latin America, Spanish and the United States Trials for a total of 73 countries.

  • The competition offers nine divisions for women and men: Elite Rx, Scaled Master’s 35-39 Master’s 40-44 division Master’s 45-50 Master’s 50+ Teens 13-14, and Teens 15-17.
  • Registration is open and costs only $10 USD. The deadline for registration is December. 9.
  • The workouts will be released on in December. 4-9, for every division.
  • The athletes will have ten days (Dec. 4- 14) for five exercises.
  • Videos must be uploaded for each exercise. The scores and submitted videos will be evaluated and then assembled into a leaderboard blind in Competition Corner showing the hierarchy of scores that are the winners, without showing the actual times of the workout or scores.
  • Three of the top athletes from each division, in the respective “Trial,” qualify for the Trials Finals which will be held on January 16-17, 2019.
  • During the Finals, fans have control of their screens with an innovative, brand new broadcast format. The Finals will gather the top athletes from each division on an “stage” with an international live stream in which viewers are able to select the athletes they wish to follow. Viewers will also be able to select Spanish as well as English commentary and join in on the English and Spanish discussion thread.
  • The three most Elite males and females will be awarded cash prizes. First prize is $3,000 USD and $2,000 USD for second, and $1,000 USD for the third.
  • Top performers by division and region will be awarded an assortment of cash prizes provided by And Live partners. And Live partners.
  • The official rules and other details are available on website of the event.The Trials Crossfit

An Event You Can Do At Home

Loud and Live has worked to make this event accessible to the largest number of people possible. They’ve announced a lower cost entry fee as well as competition in three international regions with two broadcast languages with minimal equipment, and ten divisions in total.

Regions and languages

The Trials have been divided into three main regions. There is the Spanish Trials encompasses 51 European countries, while the LATAM Trials takes on 20 SouthCentral and Central-American nations The US Trials includes athletes in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Finals broadcasts will be available simultaneously. Finals show will be broadcast simultaneously, with English in addition to Spanish commentary.

Divisions and Programming

The programming the game for The Trials was done in collaboration with CompTrain and CompTrain, and has resulted in exercises that require just a few pieces of equipment, namely an exercise rope, a jump rope, and a set of dumbbells. The number of competitors who will do double-unders (and the weight they’ll require to use their dumbbells) is contingent on the division they’re registered for. The competition itself has 10 divisions. Participants can choose between age groups that range from teenagers to Masters or Age-independent Scaled and Intermediate, RX, and Elite categories.

Professional Athletes and Awards

The Trials has attracted some remarkable talent. Although the complete list of participants remains hidden until the official updated leaderboard, Loud and Live has revealed that the competition field will comprise CrossFit Games athletes like Dani Speegle and Sean Sweeney. For the Finals, a prize of $18,000 USD is being offered and $5,000 USD will be awarded towards each one of the elite Male as well as Elite Female division winners.

Testing a New Platform

The Trials Finals will serve as an testing ground for more than participants: Loud and Live Sports will test a brand-new streaming platform they’ve created. The platform is designed to provide the best digital experience in order to fill the void left by the demise of spectator sports in person.

A key features is the ability to decide who you’re following in the competition.

“Want to watch two of your top athletes together? You can. Do you want to view your friend in full-screen? You can. Are you interested in watching every athlete in your area? It’s no problem.” Loud and Live wrote us via email. “A rep counter and commentators who call the action will give a sense of who’s winning every exercise, regardless of which athletes are on the field.”

The platform will be a live community chat as well as a toggle to select which language you’d like the commentary to appear and in (The Trials Finals will include Spanish as well as English). The sessions you’ll see are recorded at various time and locations all over the world They’ll be synced to give you a slack shoulder-to-shoulder experience.

The bottom line

is that the global effect of COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the world. COVID-19 disease has created a profound impact on the entire community, and more specifically massive competitions, like those held by Loud And Live hosts. To counter it, L&L has followed in the similar footsteps of other online contests like Rogue and The Dubai CrossFit Challenge and even the CrossFit Games. As an innovator in sports and an entity that does not shy from new technologies and ideas, Loud And Live has set out to tackle the task of broadcasting live events and has also added features previously not available in the field. The ability to select and select which athlete and what division you would like to follow from the convenience at home is new. Loud And Live is promising that “The Trials will create the new standard for online training broadcasts” in addition to it is claiming that “this innovative format is expected to encourage the broadest base of international and local participation, culminating in a seamless broadcast experience that allows viewers to have the option of deciding how they will cover their events.” Following a turbulent and uncertain 2020 CrossFit season This is exactly what the community wants and we hope Loud And Live can deliver the promised results.

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