What Is The Best Crossfit Barbell - Top-14 Reviews 2022

What Is The Best Crossfit Barbell – Top-14 Reviews 2022

What is the best CrossFit barbell? The CrossFit training method is consisting of constantly evolving functional, high-intensity movements. This is why you require the right barbell to be able to do several different types of exercises and last for a long period of duration.

A high-quality CrossFit barbell has many characteristics that are similar to a general-purpose barbell and the top CrossFit barbell can make Olympic lifting and powerlifting CrossFit metcons and accessories workouts feel effortless and natural. One of the main differences I observe in CrossFit bars as compared to regular barbells is the fact that a sturdy CrossFit barbell should have greater durability and permit athletes to move the bar (that means it should be ideal for intense workouts using a variety of different movements).

Do a major reason CrossFit bars need to be more durable? Barbells that are designed specifically for CrossFit are utilized in affiliate environments not just in a garage gym. That means that many users use the bars each day, and don’t treat them with the same respect for them as the owner would.

What Is The Best Crossfit Barbell - Top-14 Reviews 2022

CrossFit bars are typically dropped from the ceiling, slammed to the ground then made to appear as if the person who is using the bar was getting soaked in sweat. (I’ve also seen some odd things done to barbells in affiliates, like throwing the barbell as if it was a shovel before just throwing it straight up.) Also, I think the durability of your barbell is crucial.

The most effective CrossFit barbells allow athletes to complete all Olympic lifts (snatches cleans, snatches, and jerks) as well as all the strength lifts (back squat and deadlift) and all kinds of work that requires accessories.

While CrossFit continues to grow in popularity every person and their brother is trying to offer you a CrossFit bar. There are numerous cheap CrossFit bars on the market today. That’s why I wanted to evaluate the best of the top CrossFit barbells in one location. Follow me for my top choices for the top CrossFit barbells.

Top-14 The Best Crossfit Barbell Reviews

1. The Best Barbell for CrossFit Overall Rogue Bar 2.0

Rogue Bar 2.0

This bar was specifically designed to be used in CrossFit. Actually, Rogue 2.0 Rogue 2.0 is the exact bar that is used more often than any other bar during the CrossFit Games.

This is our top choice for the best CrossFit bar, however.

The Rogue 2.0 bar is the 190k PSI tensile strength. The center knurling is not overly aggressive. It is coated with a zinc-like finish to protect the bar from becoming rusty.

The best part is the cost.

It’s also more affordable than any other bar we’ve seen for this kind of bar.

The most notable feature of the Rogue 2.0 is the customizable rings that wrap around the sleeves. There are no real benefits for these bands, however, it’s a fantastic opportunity to customize your gym to match any color or design you’d like!

It’s not difficult to guess that this is the second version of the Rogue training bar. It’s made in the USA at the Rogues epic facility, instead of being manufactured in China. The biggest modification is that the center knurling is now all the way to the sleeves instead of being cut short.

This modification was requested by a lot of individuals… as well Rogue took note. It lets taller people or people with poor mobility stretch their hands up the sleeves while still having a grasp for lifting like the snatch.

They are precision machined and feature an elongated ribbing pattern that aids in keeping the plates in place.

Rogue utilizes composite bushings in the sleeves that provide an even and smooth spin. It’s crucial to ensure that your sleeves turn during motions that twist the bar overhead like the snatch. This will ensure that the bar isn’t twisted around your wrists when you are holding the weight.

However, it doesn’t spin as intensely as Olympic bars for lifting that have needle bearings, like that of the Rogue Pyrros. They spin for longer and this may make heavier lifts such as presses and squats feel more unstable.

The company also uses Rogue’s exclusive Rogue Work Hardening (RWH). Rogue doesn’t divulge their secret recipe for what this means (a similar to KFC’s secrets recipe). However, according to their $2 million and five-year research, they can make their bars endure three times as long as bars that don’t contain RWH.

The center knurl is a passive hill design, which is similar to what do the majority of CrossFit barbells.

The precision of the knurling as well as the spacing between them is amazing. This means that the calluses on your hands will not be falling off when you turn the bar around on moves such as the smooth. It also holds a good grip, especially when chalk is used for the massive deadlifts.

Black zinc works well to prevent corrosion and rust on the bars. It’s going to fade over time unless you continue to oil it and care for it but it doesn’t alter the bar’s performance. This Rogue Ohio Stainless Steel barbell option is our top upgrade option and is the best choice if you want your bar to appear exactly identical in 10 years’ time.

If you’d like to know more about the Rogue offer read our most comprehensive Rogue CrossFit barbell comprehensive guide.

Now, let’s get to the pros and pros and Rogue Bar 2.0:

Pros & Cons

  • Cost for the quality price the specifications are identical to bars that cost twice as expensive.
  • 190k PSI tensile force is strong and won’t break from lifting weights.
  • Sleeves for composite bushings smooth spin, but not too fast, so it won’t make slow lifting such as presses or squats unstable.
  • Lifetime guarantee peace of mind. This confirms that Rogue Fitness rates its bars extremely.
  • F8-R scale of rating the exclusive Rogue Work Hardening supposedly allows the bar to last for three times longer than the other bars.
  • Unique bands to identify your CrossFit gym using the colors of your choice.
  • Markings on both knurls make it simple to place your hands for various lifts like bench presses and the snatch.
  • The black zinc coating can fade and give the bar appear more worn. The performance isn’t affected, however.

2. CAP 7-Foot Olympic Barbell

CAP 7-Foot Olympic Barbell

If you’re searching for the most effective CrossFit barbell that money can buy today, you can be better off starting your research with the 7-foot CAP Olympic barbell an excellent choice that scores the highest points in regards to durability, strength, and grip comfort.

The indestructible Japanese steel that is used to construct the CAP’s flagship project has an incredible PSI (Pound for Square inch) that is 132,000 PSI This makes it among the strongest barbells available on the market giving enough strength to allow you to lift up to 400 lbs.

The bar is then finished with the smooth black phosphate giving the bar a beautiful appearance and greatly increasing its lifespan.

Additionally, there’s the middle-depth knurled grip that eliminates slips, while the flexible sleeves, bushings, and sleeves (more about these terms in the buyer’s manual below) guarantee smooth spins without causing damage to the wrists and forearms.

Although this CAP Olympic Barbell is definitely priced higher as compared to other bars in this listing, the overall high-quality and CrossFit-friendly features make it an obvious winner in our opinion.

Pros & Cons

  • High-quality sleeves
  • The phosphate coating stops rust from happening.
  • The design is for full-body exercise.
  • A few users have reported that the bar is causing splinters
  • Prices can turn out to be costly

3. Rogue Ohio Power Bar Stainless Steel

Bars from the Rogue Ohio bar look like that of Rogue 2.0.

The major difference is the fact that this bar is constructed out of stainless steel. Stainless steel is extremely resistant to corrosion and doesn’t require the “finish” to safeguard it. This means that the hands are resting directly on the metal, not the black zinc of the 2.0 version.

It’s not just that it feels more luxurious, but it won’t get any scratches or rust in the course of time. It will appear brand new after 10 years and that’s not something you can say for bars that have a coat of black zinc.

The Ohio bar is 200k PSI Tensile strength. This is also slightly higher than bar 2.0’s of 190k PSI.

It utilizes bronze bushings, not 2.0’s compound bushings. Both bushing types offer a smooth and consistent spin for sleeves. It has been noted that the bronze bushing lasts longer than composite.

One thing that’s somewhat odd is there is a slight snag that the Ohio bar isn’t using Rogue’s exclusive technology “Rogue Work Hardening” “… in contrast to the Rogue Bar 2.0. According to some reports, this could make bars last three times longer, in accordance with Rogue, and is another reason to suggest the 2.0 to the majority of people.

It also comes with the same lifetime guarantee and two knurl markings, which Rogue offers on most barbells that have multiple uses. This just shows how much Rogue is a firm believer in their barbells.

In the end, This is the bar you need If you are looking for an item with the highest corrosion resistance and the most comfortable experience of the steel Knurling.

Pros & Cons

  • Steel with stainless steel is the most durable option to resist corrosion on the crossfit barbell.
  • The bare-steel bar is a treat! The knurling is more aggressive since there is no coating on top of the steel.
  • 200k PSI Tensile Strength the bar will not break or get warped.
  • Lifetime warranty peace of mind. It is proof that Rogue supports its products!
  • Bronze bushings sleeve smooth spin, but not too fast, and more robust over composite bushings.
  • Markings on both knurls make it simple to put your hands on for various lifts such as bench presses and the snatch.
  • Price it has very similar features to its predecessor, the Rogue 2.0 but it costs more for the higher quality design and the overall feel.
  • No Rogue Work Hardeningthe stainless steel option does not make use of RWH. If you’re purchasing for your home gym, this option will remain in use for a long time. If you’re buying for a CrossFit facility, then I’d suggest that you purchase the Rogue 2.0 or a different design.

4. E.T. Energetic Olympic Barbell

E.T. Energetic Olympic Barbell

If you’re looking to take your CrossFit exercise to the next stage, and require a CrossFit barbell that will be able to support a weight limit significantly higher than normal, then the E.T. Energetic Olympic Barbell should definitely be on your list of options.

This high-quality weight bar has 205,000 PSI tensile force, making it capable of supporting up to 1,500lbs.

If you’ve ever tried to lift the weight of other bars only to discover that they break too easily, the heat-treated alloy steel and the hard chrome coating assure that there will not be a problem.

Furthermore, they are not just the sleeves made of metal for more support, but the inclusion of eight needle bearings guarantees an easy and quick spin, making it perfect for the clean and quick jerk.

Pros & Cons

  • Comfortable, abrasion-resistant knurling
  • Affordable price
  • Long-lasting durability
  • It may be difficult to get it out of the packaging
  • It might be too much for people who lift lighter weights

5. Annzoe Olympic Weight Bar

Annzoe Olympic Weight Bar

If you are interested in the concept of a barbell made of steel alloy that provides amazing strength and durability, but you felt that the 1,500-pound capacity for the E.T Energic model was too for you to handle, it’s possible that the Annzoe Olympic Weight Bar might be the better choice.

With a 199,000 PSI high Tensile Strength shaft that can support up to 700lbs, it’s robust enough to handle an average CrossFit workout. The combination of the longer bar length and the lighter weight allows for greater flexibility and freedom of movement.

The bar is well-constructed and has an inner knurl that’s constructed to offer a pleasant balance between strong grip and abrasion-proof design making it a great option to consider improving your next workout.

Pros & Cons

  • It comes with a 90-day cash-back assurance and an 18-month guarantee
  • Smooth bearings assure high-quality spinning
  • Affordable price
  • Some users have reported that they shed shavings after it is added iron weights
  • The ends aren’t as smooth, which could cause the weights a noisy experience

6. Fringesport Wonder Bar

Fringesport Wonder Bar

This Wonder Bar is ideal for those budget-conscious but requires a high-quality CrossFit barbell. It is difficult to get a bar with this caliber at this price.

It is equipped with a high-quality CrossFit barbell with 202k PSI Tensile strength that is much higher than the majority of less expensive barbells available. The fringe sport also has a great reputation in the fitness equipment market and is backed by its lifetime guarantee.

If you are planning to do more Olympic lifts in the Olympic style like those that clean and jerk, or snatch you can get the 4 needle-bearing cartridges in sleeves. Bearings with needles spin faster than bushings, which is ideal for wrists during those high-speed lifts.

However, a sleeve that is bushing is more likely to last for a longer time. They are better suited to those who wish to utilize your bar to do squats or press (bench and overhead). A lot of spin on sleeves can cause the bar to feel unstable to perform these exercises.

It is important to note this Wonder bar measures 28mm in diameter, which is smaller than the majority of bars in this list with a 28.5mm diameter. This means that it has more whip because it is slightly thicker. This is ideal for Oly lifts but not suitable for heavier lifts such as presses and squats.

It can also aid you to lift heavier deadlifts since the light bar can give you a better grip.

Black zinc is not my favorite coating for bars. It’s very scratchy and can appear to age very quickly. It’s still pretty effective at keeping rust at bay and looks cool, the scratches won’t impact the bar performance in any way.

If you are focused on saving a few bucks and are looking for bars that last for a long time, this should be on your list.

Pros & Cons

  • Price the most value for your dollar.
  • Bronze bushings (moderate spin) or needle bearings (fast spin) option if you are planning to perform much CrossFit as well as Oly lifts, go for those needle bearings. If you are primarily squatting and pressing, then go with the bushings!
  • 202k PSI tensile force-very sturdy steel that will not deform easily.
  • A lifetime warranty is a proof that Fringesport is awed by their bars!
  • Markings on both knurls make it easy to put your hands to perform different liftings such as the bench press or the snatch.
  • The black zinc coating can fade and give the bar appear more dated. The effect isn’t detrimental, however.
  • 28mm diameter -slightly smaller than 28.5mm options, it’s somewhat less rigid in its construction and more “whippy” which makes it more difficult to control in slow lifts.

7. Synergee Regional Olympic Barbell

Synergee Regional Olympic Barbell

The Synergee Regional Olympic Barbell offers a viable replacement to E.T Energetic for anyone who is looking for a weight bar of high quality that can support up to 1,500lbs.

Although the 190,000 Tensile Strength rating isn’t as good as 205,000 for the former, however, it provides solid strength, stability, and stability.

When it comes to construction the combination of premium steel and a chic black phosphate finish means you’ll get a barbell just as good as the one you’ll find in your local gym and has a degree of strength that will endure all the drops required by even the most rigorous of CrossFit workouts.

Pros & Cons

  • Diamond knurl ensures a comfortable, no-slip, no-abrasion grip
  • Attractive design
  • Excellent spin
  • Customers frequently complain that the bar is delivered in damaged packaging
  • Could be susceptible to scratching

8. American Barbell Training Bar

American Barbell Training Bar

American Barbell Pay close attention to each and every aspect of their bar for training.

The sleeves are precisely machined as is the shaft manufactured of precision-ground alloy steel. Made by American Barbells in the USA, American Barbells have gained an image of being the finest barbells of the highest quality. The reason why this bar was chosen over other bars is because of the price.

The knurling is ideal for the CrossFit bar. It’s sturdy enough to handle more hefty deadlifts but won’t cut off the skin of your hands when you lift like the snatch.

It was developed with Olympic weightlifting at the forefront.

However, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with the mark for powerlifting to place your hands at the correct place to perform bench presses. The bar also comes with a 28mm diameter, and I would prefer the more robust 28.5mm diameter for the multi-purpose CrossFit barbell. The bar’s diameter and its price were the sole two things which the bar lost points in our tests.

However, this bar is great for those who focus on more rapid lifts that you can do above your head, such as the clean and jerk or snatch.

The smooth, spinning composite sleeves mean that your wrists won’t be bent forward during these more powerful lifts.

American Barbell chooses the hard chrome finish on the bar for training. This makes it easy to keep clean and keeps your bar looking new and brand new for many years to be.

Pros & Cons

  • Attention to DetailAttention to detail excellent high-quality spacing between the knurling that feels impressive.
  • Produced in the USAThe US is generally and with a superior finish than when manufacturing outsourcing.
  • 190k PSIis robust enough to hold any weight that is placed on the bar.
  • Hard chrome finishes easy for maintenance, and appears as nice as new for years and no scratches.
  • Composite bushings offer smooth spin, which helps extend the life of the bar.
  • There are no dual knurl marks. The absence of dual knurl markings just the Oly weightlifting mark. This means it’s more difficult to position your hands to powerlifting competition standards on your bench press.
  • 28mm diameter -thinner but less flexible than the 28.5mm alternatives you can find on this page.

9. LIONSCOOL 7-Foot Olympic Bar

LIONSCOOL 7-Foot Olympic Bar

If you’re searching for an excellent barbell to use for CrossFit that doesn’t cost the earth The LIONSCOOL 7-Foot Olympic Bar is an excellent option for those on a budget CrossFitter.

Despite its low cost, the model is able to provide enough durability and strength to withstand light to moderate weight training.

The 80,000 PSI Tensile strength gives it the strength to support up to 500 pounds and the combination of chrome and alloy steel ensures it is highly resistant to scratches, drops, and other damage.

Incorporate some outstanding rust-proof features and a variety of knurling positions and you’ll have an excellent value-for-money bar for weight.

Pros & Cons

  • Superb knurling gives an excellent grip
  • Low cost
  • Includes 2 large bushings and bearings for a smooth spin.
  • Advanced users might have to upgrade to a sophisticated bar
  • Better packaging is required to be shipped

10. Rogue MG-2 Multi-Grip Bars

Rogue MG-2 Multi-Grip Bars

If you’re planning to take your workout to the bench, and you’re looking for something different than the typical Olympic-style bars that you can use, the Rogue Multi-Grip Bars might be worth taking a take look at.

We earn a fee for purchases you make with us, and at no expense to you.

Ideal for reducing shoulders and wrist strain as well as helping you develop and test different lifting methods The high-quality bars offer the flexibility you need in your fitness space.

The six handles that are angled are well-positioned in intervals of 6.5 inches, 14.5”, and 22.5”, giving the ability to work for different muscle groups, without changing the bar.

Keep the grip close You’ll have the ideal bar to work on the triceps. A wider grip is perfect for pec workouts.

While this one has similar issues to others Rogue Fitness bars in that the black protective coating could begin discoloring, the overall design is, like you’d expect from the brand, simply superb.

Pros & Cons

  • The product is made in the USA
  • Available in two sizes
  • Compatible with Standard Olympic plates. Compatible with standard Olympic
  • The black color tends to fade over time
  • It might not be able to fit on all racks

11. CAP “The Beast” Bar

CAP "The Beast" Bar

You might be on a restricted budget and cannot justify spending $200 for the barbell. If this is the case, The Beast holds up as an excellent CrossFit barbell.

The bar is significantly lower in specifications than other power bars listed on this list. However, it does the job for the majority of people. It’s a great option if you’re a novice to lifts or CrossFit and would like to try some Oly kind of lifts, like Clean and Jerk, but you’re aware that you’ll mostly perform more controlled exercises such as presses and squats.

If you’re throwing the bar at or above your head with more than 200lbs of weight on the bar, this bar will allow you to do all the lifts you can dream of. You can’t argue about the cost.

110k PSI Tensile strength is enough to withstand 400lbs of weight without breaking it (as long as you’re not dropping the weight).

However, there are some points to consider prior to deciding whether or not you want to go for this bar.

Many customers complain about receiving metal splinters in the bars’ sleeves. One of the best tips is to wash the bar clean with a towel prior to using it, and also after each exercise. Then, the metal shavings will disappear into the air and won’t impact how the bar performs.

Black phosphate can be one of the most corrosive finishes for a barbell. It is easy to scratch and rubs off. If you leave the bar in a moist garage without taking care of it, it will begin to rust with time.

Overall it is a great bar when you are looking for an affordable beater bar that you can throw around without having to think about it, or if you’re on a very restricted budget.

There are a few other budget barbells I’d recommend over The Beast for general use. Learn more about them in our top barbells with the lowest price guide.

Pros & Cons

  • Cheap and ideal for those in a tight financial situation.
  • 1,000lbs rating -still sufficient for the majority of people.
  • Great for beginners/beater bar if you don’t fall the bar enough, it’s well. If you own a better-quality bar, you could use this bar to play with!
  • No markings for dual knurls. The absence of dual knurl markings only markings for the Oly weightlifting mark. This means it’s difficult to put your hands in the right place in the proper position for competition powerlifting standards for your bench press
  • Metal shavings that have escaped from the sleeves be cautious when wiping the sleeves because you could find metal splinters on this bar
  • 110k PSIisthe weakest tensile strength of any bar listed on this page
  • Finish of black phosphate scratches and rubs away quickly

12. Yaheetech Olympic 7′ Weight Bar

Yaheetech Olympic 7' Weight Bar

The Yaheetech Olympic 7 feet Weight Bar is lighter and smaller than the Olympic bar that is ideal for those who are just starting out in CrossFit training.

The 36 lbs bar is able to support an upper limit of 300 pounds. While this may not be an away from the more than 1,000 weight limits we’ve encountered with others, it’s still a good sign that people who are brand new can easily and safely use this bar for everything from lunches and squats to curls and bench presses.

The Yaheetech’s appeal to beginners is its cost, which is significantly less expensive than other top-rated models.

Although this is inexpensive, it’s by no means inexpensive.

Its chrome finish renders this item extremely resistant to rust. The solid iron construction means that it is able to withstand drops without a scratch.

If you’re already a seasoned CrossFitter, this may be a bit lacking, however, for those who are just beginning their fitness, it is an excellent choice.

Pros & Cons

  • Its smaller size makes it great for gyms at home with small space
  • Features dual knurl marks
  • With smooth swiveling sleeves that stop the possibility of warping
  • It may not be appropriate for CrossFitters who are experienced
  • Some users say that this can be difficult to set with weights

13. Fringesport Women’s Wonder Bar

Fringesport Women's Wonder Bar

The Wonder bar for women is almost identical to the version for men.

It has a 25mm diameter, and only 160k PSI tensile strength in comparison to the men’s 202k. The reason for this is that the bar is less hefty and having a stronger tensile force on a bar of this size isn’t required, in actuality, it may cause it to become more fragile.

The bar comes with similar options to the sleeves, with the red W to represent the bearing bar (fast rotation) as well as the violet W to represent bronze bushings bars (moderate rotation).

The pink bushing is perfect when you are certain that you will be performing lots of quick lifts like the clean snatch or jerk. However, if you are planning to use the bar for a variety of lifts, such as squats with a slower speed and bench presses the bronze bushings offer greater control and flexibility.

You’ll have the security of knowing that Fringesport offers a lifetime guarantee that, if something occurred to go wrong, you will be able to sort it out.

In terms of cost and overall quality that the barbell is, it’s the one I’d suggest as the top CrossFit barbell for women.

Pros & Cons

  • Price the most value for your dollar.
  • Needle bearings in bronze, or Bronze Bushings-if you are planning to perform the most CrossFit and Oly lifts, you should get your needle bearings. If you’ll be mainly doing squats and press, go with the bushings!
  • 160k PSI tensile strength -very robust steel for a slim women’s bar that isn’t easily deformed.
  • A lifetime warranty confirms that Fringesport is awed by their bars!
  • Two knurls markings make it simple to put your hands for various lifts like bench presses and the snatch.
  • The black zinc coating can fade and give the bar appear more worn. The performance isn’t affected, however.

14. American Barbell California Bar

American Barbell California Bar

California Bar California Bar was originally the answer of American Barbell to the Rogue Bar 2.0 (below). Similar to the Rogue Bar, the USA-made California features a 191k PSI high-tensile strength shaft, with dual marks, but no center knurl. Both are made of composite bushings and California has a special high-load composite bushing that American Barbell claims are indestructible.

What distinguishes them is the fact that the Cali features sleeves coated in beautiful and durable hard chrome instead of the less costly and less efficient bright zinc used with the 2.0. California also benefits from being available in 20 and 15 kilograms but it’s not much of a deal considering the fact that Rogue also offers the 15 kg, Bella.

California first came on the market with an unpainted zinc shaft that was sold at just a bit less than that of the Rogue Bar 2.0. The bar was then upgraded to the sleeve and was eventually priced at 20 percent more expensive than the 2.0. In the present, it’s now a Cerakote-finished bar, which retails for 80 dollars more than the 2.0 which is $335.

The classic zinc California (top) against Cerakote (top) which is a better version of California

It is evident that American Barbell has all but put aside the competition with Rogue’s WOD bar entry-level and decided to compete for the title as the ” best WOD bar”, and it could be. It has a 28mm shaft, instead of 28.5 millimeters, it’s constructed with tolerances that nobody within this price range could beat, and neither the shaft nor sleeves will ever rust due to their premium finishing, and this is the quietest WOD bar you can buy.

Cerakote California Bar is available in black or green. Cerakote California Bar comes in both green and black Cerakote (20 kgs only). If you’re looking for more colors and are content with just IWF marks, you can get the same price as $300 for this training bar. It’s got the same shaft that is used in California but because it doesn’t come with the upgrade to the sleeves, it’s slightly less costly. Both are amazing options and both will be able to last for the rest of your life.

Pros & Cons

  • Designed specifically for CrossFit use
  • Double-marked, medium-depth knurl that is high-rep-friendly with no center-knurl
  • High-load composite bushings
  • Double-finished hard chrome sleeves are extremely resilient to oxidation and chipping, Cerakote finish, USA-made
  • Fairly pricey for a WOD bar

How To Choose A Barbell for CrossFit

How To Choose A Barbell for CrossFit

Some of the characteristics I consider to be the best for CrossFit barbells are:

High Durability

I expect most CrossFitters will be dropping their bar from overhead or from the front-rack position, moving quickly through high volumes of repetitions, and working out in a non-climate-controlled area. These factors all mean you’ll need a sturdy barbell that’s why you require one that has high tensile strength and a top-quality coating.

You should look for a minimum of 180,000 PSI steel strength in tensile. Steel bars made of stainless steel are great for resistance to oxidation however other popular (and cheaper) finishes like Cerakote and hard-chrome enhance the durability. Zinc can also help prevent corrosion, but you should beware of black zinc if you abuse your barbell well, as it can show scratches more quickly than bright zinc.

Medium Knurling

A CrossFit barbell should be smooth but it shouldn’t rip your hands. Keep the bloody hands for pull-ups or toes-to-bars. Medium Knurling aids in grip but without digging into the skin too deeply.

Low Whip

Barbell whip is the distinction in yield strength as well as the strength of tensile. A barbell that is very whippy flexes considerably under the weight of heavy loads and a barbell with a low whip is stiffer. A quality CrossFit barbell is able to handle moderately large loads however not enough that you’re having to deal with a bar that oscillates during an exercise.

Barbell Finish / Barbell Coating

The coating or finish of the barbell could affect the length of time your barbell lasts however, it is typically considered to be a matter of preference.

You can purchase a basic steel bar that is unfinished or more expensive like one that has been covered with Cerakote (a Polymer Ceramic coating).

It is essential to decide if the barbell is to be used outdoors or inside since this can aspect in your choice, however, most barbells are going to be coated with a coating that prevents corrosion or oxidation caused by salt, and sweat, or other.

Certain barbells have colored coatings to create a unique barbell while also protecting your equipment.


Since you’ll probably beat the rubbish from your CrossFit barbells, you do not want to invest on a lot of money. This eliminates the Eleiko option for the majority of people. I’d say the $250-$300 price range is the best for CrossFit bars, and bars with a price of $300 or more will have something to offer that will mean for you (like being that Rogue Ohio bar is manufactured in Ohio Rogue). Ohio Rogue facility).

Barbell Warranty

When looking at the guarantee of a barbell, it’s important to think about the company that makes it then the warranty. If the manufacturer goes no longer in business within the next few years, a warranty isn’t worth anything.

Lifetime warranties are the most popular these days, however, there are some that are superior to others. Some will require shipping, while others permit you to bring the item to an outlet for exchange.

Choose a good barbell and you won’t have to think too much about this feature.

Olympic Barbell or Standard Barbell to Use for CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, or Power Lifting

In the simplest sense, it is a pole made of metal that permits weighted disks to be placed on it for lifting weights.

But, as with everything else, there are many aspects that make barbells distinct and more suited to particular training.

For instance example, an Olympic barbell comes with a common design with the only exception being between a men’s bar and a women’s bar.

The male’s Olympic barbell measures 7.2 feet, weighs 44 pounds, and has an average bar diameter of 28 millimeters. A women’s Olympic barbell measures 6.9 feet, weighs 33 pounds, and has a diameter of 25 millimeters.

This bar is usually employed to perform Olympic weightlifting, which is comprised of just two lifts: the snatch, and the clean and Jerk.

However, lifts aren’t the only thing that a barbell can be used for so there are options now available for barbells with powerlifting capabilities and multi-purpose barbells.

Look also  The Best Trap Bar – Top-15 Options 2022.


This will give you an adequate idea of what you should look for in a CrossFit barbell. If you’re not interested in any of the barbells mentioned here for a reason, you’ll do good shopping knowing the things to search for. Always, I suggest sticking with high-quality bars that are made by reliable companies and never purchasing your CrossFit bar from an outlet store chain. If in doubt, look up these reviews.

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