TOP-12 The Best Hip Thrust Pad Reviews 2022

TOP-12 The Best Hip Thrust Pad Reviews 2022

A hip thrust pad is an important gear for the CrossFit. When you are doing hip thrusts it is essential to wear the best barbell pads to shield your joints from bruises and the stress of the load placed on your hips. What is the ideal hip thrust pad to use for hip thrusts?

After looking over 10 barbells with hip thrusts The Dark Iron Fitness 17 Inch Extra Thick Barbell Pad was our most effective option available for sale. It is durable and has the thickness required to shield the upper leg as well as the Velcro locking mechanism, which lets you quickly remove and put on off the barbell.

Also, a lot of hip thrust pads tend to move (the side towards the side) when performing the hip thrust. This can distracting, cause additional stress on the pads, and result in instability during the workout. Dark Iron Fitness Barbell Pad is stable and secure it is almost difficult to come across in different products.

If you’re looking to know more about the barbell hip thrust pads that I tried, and how to select the right barbell hip pad then keep reading!

1. Dark Iron Fitness 17 Inch Barbell Extra Thick Pad The Best Overall

Dark Iron Fitness 17 Inch Barbell Extra Thick Pad

Dark Iron Fitness is one of the top sports equipment and equipment producers available Their barbell pad is among the top ones available in the market, due to its durable materials, robust functions, and cost-effectiveness.

This barbell is made of premium foam that is 3/4 inches thick to make the pad more full This makes the hip thrust pad sturdy and does not bend.

The total thickness of the barbell pad is 17 inches. That’s enough to handle hip thrusts. If you exercise with a significant amount of weight, you could select the ones using 1 1/2 inches to ensure more durability. I’d recommend buying the 1 1/2-inch version for those who plan to do hip thrusts that exceed 200lbs (two plates).

Its hip thrust pad has a complete Velcro cover, making it easy to place over a barbell whether regular or Olympic. The full velcro protection helps to keep it in place and keeps bars from rolling away or shifting side-to-side.

Pros & Cons

  • Available in a variety of styles
  • The leather-like finish of synthetic leather doesn’t retain moisture, making it slippery
  • The complete velcro coverage makes it easy to put switching between the two while stopping bars from sliding away
  • The middle groove isn’t there and only affects the way the barbell rests on your back when you’re using the pad to squat (not the hips)

2. Iron Bull Strength hip thrust pad The Best Fast-Slip Style

Iron Bull Strength hip thrust pad The Best Fast-Slip Style

Iron Bull Iron Bull is one of the most effective barbell pads available in terms of easy attaching and use.

It’s not just one of the least expensive models available It’s also extremely light and easy to carry around.

Furthermore, The Iron Bull is available in many colors, so you can select the one you like that complements your lifting equipment.

Pros & Cons

  • The color options are available in various colors
  • Ergonomic design with a wide middle groove that is ideal for squats
  • It is easy to attach and remove
  • The foam may begin cracking over time

3. J Bryant Extra Thick Hip Thrust Pad

J Bryant Extra Thick Hip Thrust Pad

Do you want the thickest? It’s the J Bryant hip thrust pad is the largest and most durable available, boasting a width of nearly 6″ in total. It comes with less than two” in high-density foam cushioning between you as well as the barbell.

The outside of the pad is made of a non-slip material that will not slide during exercise. The pad is securely secured to the barbell with the heavy-duty Velcro closure that completely closes when it is in use (unlike most of the “open” pads available on available).

Another thing I really enjoy with this pad is its tiny loop that runs along the bottom of the pad. This lets you easily transport it to the fitness center and hang it there when you’re not using it.

The lifters who need additional cushioning for their hip thrusts will love this pad. Cost-wise, J Bryant retails them at around $40, which makes the pad a mid-priced pad that’s upper-level thick.

Pros & Cons

  • One of the largest models available
  • The case is made of synthetic leather for stabilization and protection
  • Ideal for athletes who are beginning to increase the weight on their hips.
  • Premium price tag

4. Cheeky fitness co. Velcro Hip Thrust Barbell Pad The Top Velcro Pad

Cheeky fitness co. Velcro Hip Thrust Barbell Pad The Top Velcro Pad

If you’re mainly looking for a decent hip thrust pad with velcro tape closure, this one should work best for you.

Contrary to the majority of barbell pads with velcro offered This one comes with an extremely large velcro tape, which allows for a more snug use of the barbell.

This stops the pad from slipping during hip thrusts to the hip. It is also made of an elastomeric fabric, which extends the life that the pads will last. The material also has good traction, which keeps the barbell padded onto your hips.

For practicality, The hip thrust pad was made to accommodate 2-inch Olympic barbells and Smith machine barbells. This means you could utilize them in other methods to strengthen your glutes as well.

This great pad is a total thickness of around 16 inches. It’s not nearly as strong as the Dark Iron Fitness one, but enough to safeguard your body from injury in the event of a thrust of your hip. Furthermore, it comes with a middle groove which allows it to be a suitable option for squats and squats.

Pros & Cons

  • Two large velcro tapes that provide security
  • It can be placed over thin and thick bars easily
  • Reinforced fabric that has high traction.
  • It could have a strong plastic smell after the first couple of uses

5. ProFitness Hip Thrust Pad The Best Strap Pad

ProFitness Hip Thrust Pad The Best Strap Pad

When it comes to security and handling the heaviest of barbells, fastening straps are the most reliable method of attachment.

This ProFitness Barbell Pad is specially designed to help hip thrust. It is made up of sturdy straps as well as cushioning rubber to help absorb the impact of the barbell onto the hip bones.

For this type of thrust pad, you just have to slide the barbell into the crease of the pad. Then, you have to wrap the straps on both ends and pull them tight.

Although ProFitness could take a bit longer to join barbells, the straps provide the barbell with extreme stability that reduces the risk of slipping off to an absolute minimum.

The drawback with straps is that they can be a pain to put on and take them off and certainly adds time to every set.

Pros & Cons

  • It provides a high degree of protection against sliding and falling off.
  • Available in three colors.
  • Gives an adequately large coverage of the barbell
  • It takes a little longer to remove and put on

6. Gladiator Strength Barbell Pad

Gladiator Strength Barbell Pad

One of the extra-thick pads The Gladiators Strength comes with two straps to ensure an incredibly secure fit on the barbell. This means that you won’t have to be concerned about the pad slipping out while you perform hip thrusts.

This hip thrust pad is also the largest on our list of the best and the non-slip rubberized foam measures 1.3 inches in thickness.

The only issue is the fact that these straps aren’t connected to the pad, so you’ll need to store and transport them with care to ensure that you don’t lose the straps.

7. Plan4U Barbell Pad to help you get your hips twisted the Best Pad for Leather Pad

Plans4U Barbell Pad to help you get your hips twisted the Best Pad for Leather Pad

If you’re willing to spend an extra bit to invest in some barbell pads with top quality materials and features, think about this model from Plan4U.

The thing that is unique about this barbell pad is that it’s made from dense foam with a nice texture so that it doesn’t collapse with time.

The exterior is made from synthetic leather. The material extremely grips to the skin which helps stabilize the barbell/padding pair and stops the barbell from sliding across. Furthermore, the material is waterproof, meaning it doesn’t soak up moisture or create smells.

Its Barbell Pad measures 16 inches long and two inches in thickness, which makes it among the most durable on the market. The product is also light and compact to carry around because you can connect the externally attached to your bag with the D ring.

Pros & Cons

  • Durable velcro tape for security
  • Design with a thicker layer of protection
  • The D ring attachment makes it simple to carry
  • It’s a bit large, and may not be an ideal option if you intend to put the item in your workout bag

8. Dark Iron Fitness Barbell Pad

Dark Iron

This Dark Iron Fitness hip thrust pad functions similar to a standard bar pad. Although it’s not as heavy as other pads on this list it doesn’t have the U-shape which helps it be more comfortable when doing squats, and it’s not as large (0.75″) however, this pad is a good choice.

It is designed to easily wrap around the standard Olympic barbell and features Velcro clasps that securely attach the bar to the pad The Dark Iron Fitness is a hip thrust pad with a reasonable price that won’t be able to withstand the weight of a heavy bar or soak up sweat and moisture.

Pros & Cons

  • A good price
  • Very durable
  • None

9. Power GUIDANCE Barbell Squat Pad Easy to Put on and off

Power GUIDANCE Barbell Squat Pad Easy to Put on and off

If you don’t put much weight on your barbell, but nonetheless want to prevent bruises, you may think about a product that is easy to remove and put on to cut down on time and effort.

Additionally, it does not use Velcro or straps to hold the barbell. Instead, all you need to do is to insert the barbell and then go!

Be aware that this model is best suited for people who are lifting relatively light loads on the barbell, and need to prevent minor bruises. Also, you’ll notice the pad shifting on the barbell as it’s not completely secure.

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable price
  • It doesn’t require straps or velcro to fasten, which can save time.
  • Easy to carry and light weight transport
  • Not suitable for heavy lifting

10. Exous Bodygear Pad for Barbells Best Pads that have Velcro Fasteners

Exous Bodygear Pad for Barbells Best Pads that have Velcro Fasteners

If you’re looking to secure the barbell to its place it is recommended to think about barbell fasteners instead of Velcro or a quick-slip design. However, such a pad could take a long time to connect.

It’s a blessing that the EXOUS solves this issue by making use of the security of strap fasteners and the simplicity of use and the speed of attaching Velcro fasteners.

For the present one, it is just a matter of placing them on the bar and then wrapping the strap around the hip thrust pad and attaching it with Velcro.

Pros & Cons

  • A great value for the money.
  • Fast and reasonably secure
  • Thick foam construction
  • Could begin to flatten out over time

11. The FITGIRL Hip Thrust Pad is The Most Padded For Women

Many women who begin with hip thrusts are shocked at the extent of bruising that they could cause. The hip thrust pad of FITGIRL is specially made to tackle this issue.

Although it may not be the thickest barbell pad available on the market, however, it’s certainly one of the most comfortable barbell pads on the skin that has an extra-plush cushioning.

Additionally, these dimensions have been designed in accordance with the body size of females which makes them more comfortable to utilize.

The hip thrust pad is specifically designed for active women. It also has a velcro tape system for fastening to make it practical and simple to use.

Pros & Cons

  • Soft padding is included
  • Ideal for women with average shoulder and hip dimensions
  • Stylish design
  • A bit pricey

12. Gymletics Barbell Pad Kit

Gymletics Barbell Pad Kit

A hefty booty is a major element of nearly everybody’s fitness regimens today.

Visit your local gym and you will find an ever-present struggle for cable machines that perform kick-backs as well as a bench press for hip thrusting. When you purchase the Gymletics Barbell Pad, as well as Ankle Straps Kit, you will receive a huge set of items for all your booty-blasting workouts.

It is the Gymletics Barbell Pad and Straps Kit includes the 1.2-inch wide barbell mat that is ideal for squatting and thrusting your hips with ease. The pad is shaped in a U that allows the bar to rest comfortably on your hips or shoulders.

However, what distinguishes this pad from other pads is the straps and resistance bands are included. The straps are to hold the pad in place and ankle straps to facilitate cable kick-backs, as well as an elastic band for exercise routines that require high reps to tone and strengthen your glutes. All of the gear is kept in a mesh bag that is breathable.

It is highly rated and has an excellent score of 4/5 on the marketplace and in pink and black, it is the Gymletics Pad kit is an excellent bar pad that is suitable for intermediate and beginner lifters alike.

Are You Actually Needing a Pad for Hip Thrusts?

A majority of lifters opt to use their gym towels or a yoga mat to support themselves or even makeshift barbell pads for training squats and hip thrusts.

However, the majority of these options are less effective than the best barbell pad since they don’t offer the similar level of comfort pads offer because they’re typically bulky and smaller when they’re rolled around like a barbell.

TOP-12 The Best Hip Thrust Pad Reviews 2022

They are also not equipped with the right security and protection against slipping or falling. However, Barbell pads are cheap and can be easily packed into your gym bag for exercise with a hip thrust movement.

They can also be fitted with straps or velcro to hold the grip and stop the barbell from sliding off of the pads.

How to Select the Correct Hip Thrust Pad

The hip thrust is one of my most-loved exercises at the fitness center.

They’re amazing because they target the posterior chain and when compared with traditional lower body muscle-building exercises like barbell squats, studies have revealed that they are more effective in focusing on the glutes.

However, as amazing as they may be, putting an entire barbell on your pelvis could be difficult.

This is where the hip thrust pad could be extremely effective.

You can pull a heavy weight with less risk of bruising your pelvis. Instead of causing yourself pain and being cautious with the number of plates that you put on the bar, you can go after higher weights with no worry of damaging your hips.

Does sound pretty good to me!

There are some other benefits to using a barbell such as increased stability of the bar (less roll of the barbell) and securing your clothing from the knurling that barbells create.

The best hip thrust pad boils down to being aware of a couple of factors.

Here are the top three.

The Thickness of Pad

The most important thing to be looking for is the thickness of your knee thrust pads. Pads that are thicker prevent the bar from cutting into your hips.

You should look for something close to 1.5″ up to” in thickness. This will be enough to protect the shaft of steel the barbell.

The most effective hip thrust pads include padding for your hips when they meet the bar.

Simple to Wear and Remove (But Still Not All That Easy)

Most barbell pads are simple to “clip” onto the barbell’s shaft.

Other models have fasteners to prevent the pads from slipping around. Finally, the strict padslike Rogue’s hip thrust pad are wide enough to allow you to tuck the pad into the bar.

Hip thrusters for barbells must be fairly simple for you to put on, and remove without the risk of becoming loose when in use.


For lifters looking for additional safety when performing hip thrusts, certain pads come with fasteners that completely secure your hip thrust pads into the barbell.

Though I’ve not had the need for this featurethe open barbell pads have always remained in their place and were not rolling onto an “open” part of the pad. It’s something that some gymgoers and lifters like and would want to see in the form of hip thrust pads.


Hip thrusts are an excellent exercise that you can incorporate into your workout routine.

The best hip thrust pad to use for your exercises will make this exercise more efficient, as you’ll be able to lift more weight safely without breaking your pelvis.

My top hip thrust pad available on the marketplace comes from Iron Bull Strength Barbell Hip Thrust Pad. I’ve owned it for 3 years and it is brand new most importantly, it shields my hips, so I can set new PRs without causing the pain of a bruised pelvis.

For those who wish to use a physical pad for hip thrusts, instead of a pad for barbells the Rogue’s hip thrust pad is the most effective available. 18″ large and large, this pad grasps the bar, so you can do hip thrusts with ease.

In the end, hip thrust pads can help you accomplish one thing very well: hip thrust with aplomb!

The Best Hip Thrust Pad FAQs

Should I use a pad for hip thrusts?

While performing hip thrusts it is recommended to make use of a barbell pad in order to safeguard yourself from bruising and the stress of the load placed on your pelvis.

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