What Should you Look For in the Best Crossfit Hand Grips?

Top-9 The Best CrossFit Grips Reviews 2022

What are the best CrossFit grips? The variety of aspects that CrossFit offers is the greatest and most detrimental thing about it.

It’s evident in every aspect of training equipment. You require the appropriate apparatus to handle a number of demands all at once. This is evident with shoes, as well as the numerous variants from Reebok’s Nano shoe. The fact is that any piece of equipment designed for cross-training has to be able to adapt.

Hand grips are another excellent illustration. If you’re trying to ensure your hands are healthy on the bar, the rig, or any other obstacles you encounter These grips are crucial. They’ll put many hours of work on your hands, and you’ll need the ability to shield your hands from tearing!

Today, we’ll guide you through what needs to look for in a handgrip and what you should look for in the best CrossFit hands!

What Should you Look For in the Best Crossfit Hand Grips?

What Should you Look For in the Best Crossfit Hand Grips?

The main purpose of protecting your hands is first and most importantly, to keep your skin’s hands well-maintained. We’re all aware of broken callouses and how they can disrupt the training session. You aren’t able to do much when you have your palm open or during an intense grip workout.

That’s basically nothing.

Safety and durability come first however, they require a lightweight to allow you to work kettlebells, weightlifting, and other equipment that you come in contact with. This is the reason why CrossFit has its own brand that includes hand grips for gymnastics. They don’t have the capacity to handle the range of movements required.

In addition to the above, they should give your wrists enough flexibility to be able to move in every motion They should also be well-made as well as cost-effective. They should also be able to implement all additional features effectively. The design is widely known, so every innovation must be reliable and positive.

1. Bear KompleX Grips

Best CrossFit Grips

Bear Komplex is one of the largest sponsors of CrossFit and there’s been lots of publicity for the hand grips due to it. But that does not mean they’re trying to swindle you. In fact, Bear Komplex grips have put together one of the most effective combos of utility and value in a handgrip that they designed especially to be used in CrossFit competition.

The three-hole option is the best option here The 2-hole is less enjoyable and more useful in general but still manageable.

Carbon fiber’s design blends the lightness of carbon fiber with a sticky and solid grip. They are the hand grips that are currently the only ones with this design and they work well. Furthermore, it’s possibly the most effective material to attach to your bars for pull-ups.

They’re also constructed to last for longer than the majority of the lesser options on the market and are a good investment over the long haul in addition.

Unfortunately, leather doesn’t appear to be the dominant material for the grip of the barbell. It’s still performing slightly superior to carbon fiber. This is the only issue I have about this particular Bear Komplex design.

Its wrist strap is great to have on the Bear Komplex, as it is more secure and comfortable than the majority of hand grips that are less expensive.

The design also requires no break-in time, which is a wonderful, yet unneeded option.

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent grip
  • Carbon fiber’s design breaks down quickly
  • Great durability
  • A comfortable wrist strap for your wrist
  • Leather is still the best choice for Barbell lifting
  • Expensive

2. Jerkfit WODies

Jerkfit WODies

Hand grips for WODies come with 3 holes, and the wrist wrap is a velcro strap.
They’re a lot thinner than a standard handgrip made of leather and are constructed with the patented material developed to absorb the impact of friction, with no pinching or bunching of your hands during exercise.

The reviews for these grips stand up. They are thought to be sturdy, more comfortable than leather, and function as they ought to. They’re not “glide” technology isn’t always a success. You either love it and you’re slaying your exercises, or you’re unable to grasp the bar.

A unique advantage is a fact that WODies can be cleaned by machine. In contrast to leather, it is one of the very few pieces of fitness equipment that you can clean regularly.

Pros & Cons

  • Extra wrist support
  • Machine is washable
  • Textured outer and inner leather surface to give greater grip
  • The material inside can be smooth
  • Non-leather could affect long-term durability

3. ProFitness 2. Hole Leather Cross Training Gymnastic Grips

ProFitness 2. Hole Leather Cross Training Gymnastic Grips

One of the most appealing advantages of the ProFitness handgrips is their suede leather style which is softer and more comfortable than traditional leather designs. They do not require the same amount of breaking in and will provide you with a solid grip that doesn’t stick too tightly to your skin. We suggest the three-hole model.

Another advantage is the price. A well-known brand produces these, but they cost cheaper than Bear Komplex hand grips.

On the other hand, suede leather is less durable over the long term due to its ease of use. But it is true that the ProFitness has a great build quality and plenty of airflows, which keeps your hands dry as well as less sweaty. In the end, this will reduce the number of blisters or tears you experience.

It is also important to note it is that the support for wrists that comes with the handgrips is weaker than the majority of hand grips. This is an area that could be improved upon for making them more stable in the hand.

The final good thing is that they come with a lifetime guarantee, which can be great security. These are available in various sizes and several negative reviews were due to purchasing the incorrect size. Therefore, make sure you consider buying the right size.

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent price
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Soft suede leather
  • It is easier to get used to
  • Great breathability
  • The wrist is weak and the support is not strong enough
  • It is less durable than other

4. 321 Strong Grips

321 Strong Grips

It is a much less expensive option than the other two options, 321 strong is a durable leather handgrip with two holes as well as the wrist wrap is velcro.

321 Strong handgrips may be a great starter pair before investing in something higher priced.

The reviews of these grips state that they’re durable however they can also bunch up when you’re using larger hands, or don’t secure your wrist wrap sufficiently.

The holes for the fingers are small for certain sizes, so it is important to take accurate measurements when you choose these sizes.

Pros & Cons

  • The more affordable price point
  • Minimal wrist support
  • The finger holes have a rectangular in shape and slightly larger

5. Aeolos Genuine Leather Gymnastic Hand Grips

Aeolos Genuine Leather Gymnastic Hand Grips

These Aeolos grips appear to be a genuine leather product, but the design is topped with felt or a similar soft and pliable material. This is a strange option, and we’re unsure about how Aeolos will market the grips as a 100% leather product using this kind of style. It could be that it’s covered with another product or the leather is not of the highest quality at the beginning.

Similar to the JerkFit grips The Aeolos grips offer an ineffective and unproductive wrist strap. The issues with this product are similar to those with the previous product. It hinders wrist movement, which is crucial for different elements of CrossFit training ranging from lifting weights to skipping.

The main issues for this type of product that is connected are quite simple:

  • The hand-grip and wrist support are linked which means you cannot move them in a way that is independent of each other.
  • The support for the wrist doesn’t help the wrist, particularly when issues with sizing are in the mix.

If you’re wondering why this will cause an issue, consider it as if you were wearing a watch tightly to your wrist. This is the type of sensation you’ll feel when you’re dealing with this kind of grip/support when weightlifting, or skipping. It’s uncomfortable, hurtful, and most definitely not beneficial.

If you’re able to only make use of it for certain kinds of exercises then you’ll need to remove it or put it back on during your exercise. These are valuable seconds added to your workout time and anyone who is serious about CrossFitter will be aware that they could mean an enormous difference in the outcome of a workout. This is a reason to search for an alternative that is better than the market!

Pros & Cons

  • Cheap
  • Wrist support causes much more harm than it does good
  • Very difficult to make use of
  • Can hinder your progress

6. WOD Nation Barbell Gymnastics Grips Perfect for Pull-up Training

WOD Nation Barbell Gymnastics Grips Perfect for Pull-up Training

The WOD Nation Grips are the perfect choice for the budget-conscious CrossFit fan. Made of genuine leather with a wrist strap of nylon to help you save money they can do the job without a lot of effort. The main issue is that wristband, as it is small provides adequate support.

The leather is well-gripped but isn’t the greatest quality. There’s a lot of debate about how thick the leather used on the grips of your hands should be. If it is too thick, it can cause sensitivity to the hand, which makes it more difficult to perform the exercise. However, if you choose to go too thin, you’re at risk of breaking much more quickly. So, anything, however, high-durability leather is ideal.

The wrist strap made of nylon isn’t the most supportive, but it is simple to put on and off. The greatest feature overall is the value for your money. You’ll find a solid handgrip at a low cost.

Pros & Cons

  • A great budget option
  • Good gripping leather, but thin.
  • Easy to put on and away from the bracelet strap
  • The wrist strap is weak and not strong enough to support it.
  • Not the most ideal materials
  • Low durability

7. Rogue Version 2 Gymnastics Hand Grips

Rogue Version 2 Gymnastics Hand Grips

Rogue remains a high-quality gym product and their hand grips aren’t any different. Although they aren’t specifically intended to be used in CrossFit it is impossible to conclude this list without taking a look at Rogue’s offerings.

The thin, leather 2-hole hand grip has a textured surface on both sides to ensure the most minimal possible slippage. It also features that perfect blend of thin but sturdy leather that provides a strong grip that isn’t too heavy.

They are ideal for those who want to feel that sensation of the bar, rings, or dumbbell. They have wrist straps that are extremely thin, meaning you can fit an exercise tracker very well. However, they do not provide enough wrist support you’d like.

They’re a little more of a middle to high-cost range and the cost for handgrips is very low overall, it might be worth the additional cost.

Pros & Cons

  • Leather that is durable and thin
  • Both sides are texturized.
  • The wrist straps are lightweight and supportive.
  • More expensive
  • A little less supportive than others.
  • 2-hole design means less surface area overall

8. Pheral Fit CrossFit Hand Grips

Pheral Fit CrossFit Hand Grips

Pheral Fit brings us back to the grip made of leather. It’s a grip with two holes that guards the areas of the palm which are the most susceptible to injury and callouses. The rough coarse leather that is molded on the palm gives you an excellent grip and shields your hands from the dangers of hands that are gnarled in your next workout.

The combination of smooth and ruggedized leather ensures you’ll have a grip on the bar, yet you won’t have to cling to your grips. This implies plenty of movement in your hand. The breathability of the palm side leather is also a benefit, reducing an issue when you have sweaty, slippery hands.

The biggest issue we’ve observed with the grips is a general concern about the quality. They haven’t responded well to high-volume gymnastics activities (the reason why they’re made) as well as the sizes are often in error according to the size guide provided by the manufacturer. This can be problematic for those with hand sizes that are small or large and the middle appears to be in good shape with very few issues.

The construction quality is what makes them unsuitable for certain athletes, due to the leather easily stretching or stretched. Contrary to the issues that are experienced with other leather grips they are too flexible and could bunch up within the hand, making it easy to harm hands more. Overall, they’re struggling with problems with quality!

Pros & Cons

  • Breathable
  • Double-edged design to ensure toughness and the ability to move
  • Unreliable sizing guide
  • Not recommended for heavy-volume gymnastics or weightlifting.
  • Quality issues with the building

9. TRX Go Suspension Trainee to train an individual who is a Focused Professional or for any fitness Journey


These are excellent, form-fitting hand grips that have soft leather on the base. I personally prefer soft leather because it is easier to grip and has less break-in. They also lessen the pressure that is put on your wrists and hands and wrists, which is good.

They’re reasonably priced compared to other available, yet still provide something distinctive. The design is appealing and is a type of soft leather that is distinctive compared to other leather products available.

Double-layered palms are the most appealing feature of this model. They are able to absorb sweat easily and provide a solid grip. However, they do require a substantial amount of chalk to work at their greatest.

The wrist support is solid as well, with the finger hole being well-designed. The wrist straps can be a bit heavy and take a while to take off and on. This can be a problem in the event of a CrossFit event where it could be essential to perform tasks quickly.

Pros & Cons

  • Soft leather grip
  • Reducing overall pressure on wrists and hands
  • Affordable
  • Double-layered design
  • It is difficult to switch off and on
  • You’ll need lots of chalk

Do You Require CrossFit Grips?

Do You Require CrossFit Grips?

Let’s move on to what is perhaps the most important aspect of this piece, Do you really need CrossFit Grip?

The answer is pretty much dependent on you regarding the way they feel and whether you are happy with the way they feel. If you’ve got an injury to your palm the hand is likely to be painful and swollen for at least a week, and you shouldn’t cause more damage by lifting that isn’t protected at the same time.

Apart from a broken hand Do you really require them?

We’ve listed our top reasons for you to need CrossFit grips so that you can choose for yourself.

Prevention and Protection From Injury

The obvious choice, a grip that is gymnastic can help stop and prevent tears and rips to your hands, which can occur after the formation of callouses.

They also provide that additional layer of protection from friction moves like kipping pullups and muscle-ups, ensuring that you won’t suffer an injury as easily.

It’s important to note that it is possible to sustain an injury to your hand because the grip won’t completely be completely covered however it can certainly help.

Better Grip

If you’re suffering due to a callus, or your hand is sliding across the bars gyroscopic grip could go a long way to help you hang on to those final few repetitions.

A lot of CrossFit workouts grips, including those on this list are specifically designed to increase the likelihood of staying at the bar for longer and to prevent grip fatigue.

If you’re lifting a barbell, you might also discover that the wrist strap provides more strength, which is an added benefit.


If you’ve experienced a bar experience on the rig, or on the bar, you’ve probably felt that your confidence in lifting heavier weights or with kipping pull ups is down. In most cases, that little bit of support that comes in the form of the grip of a gymnastic can be a huge help to help you get back on the bike.


A bar that is splattered with blood isn’t always the cleanest option there, particularly when you’re a gym manager who must take care of it! Although it’s true that a CrossFit Grip certainly doesn’t get rid of germs and stop the spread, it’s nice to know you’re in good hands that this won’t occur frequently.

What We Looked at When Reviewing the Top CrossFit grips

What We Looked at When Reviewing the Top CrossFit grips

We began our hunt to find the best CrossFit grips, we began to study the fan forums and customer reviews. we even went to our local Box to discover what other people had used and what they thought of it.

We then compiled an inventory of products we felt deserved our focus. After analyzing about 15 grips and a few other grips, we narrowed the list to a few options which we think are the top CrossFit grips available currently.

We tested and tried each one of them to give you an understanding of the things they could actually do, and whether they’re worth investing your money on.

Then, we took a look at the following factors to give you the information we believe you need to know if seeking to purchase the most effective CrossFit grips:

  • Pricing: Our team of experts spent an amount of time looking through grips. One thing we saw was, that you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to find the best product. Anything with a price tag of over $50, we didn’t believe was superior to our top picks (which are priced between $30 and $40). The same applies to anything less than $25. It’s just not worth the price.
  • Durability If you’re spending anywhere from $30 to $40 on a piece of equipment, you need to be sure that it lasts longer than a handful of exercises. We examined the design of each piece and also how it performed in various WODs and then made a decision on the quality of that.
  • Materials and construction The material and structure of a grip will provide a great insight into its quality of it. From the strength to the grip of the bar the whole thing boils to the way it’s built, as well as the grip and the strength of the product.
  • Flexibility CrossFit grips have become one of the most utilized pieces of equipment in the box. Therefore, they require a lot of flexibility to pull-ups, as well as clean and jerks as well. We considered how they adapt to different actions, to be confident about their durability.

We also looked at the opinions of other customers about their experience with them. Grips are an individual choice However, if you’ve heard plenty of positive reviews in the local Box or see positive reviews online, you’ll be more likely to put your hard-earned money in them, and rightfully and rightfully!

If other people have tested and tried them, it provides a peace of mind that you can count on.

Best Crossfit Grips Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

If we’re forced to pick the top product that we’ve ever reviewed We’ll lean toward the grips from ProFitness. The reason for this is two basic facts: negative reviews usually are caused by a mistake made by a customer, instead of a consistent design or design flaw. Moreover, they offer a lifetime guarantee.

The worth of a lifetime warranty for this product can’t be exaggerated. There’s no more value for your money than a lifetime warranty. This kind of equipment will eventually break as well. The possibility to purchase a replacement in the event of a break is incredible. This is exclusive with ProFitness as well as the highest guarantee you can get.

Our top picks are those with Bear KompleX CrossFit hand grips again, their durable grip offers an affordable and sturdy product. The Leather isn’t easy to crack and that’s both an indication of its durability as well as an occupational risk.
With this kind of product! If it wasn’t durable then it would not be able to complete its job!

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This kind of product will be beneficial to safeguarding your hands however, it’s not going to require any additional features. It’s a basic set of requirements and the extra features that attempt to make this more complicated tend to cause more hassle than their value. That’s why we’ve made it clear from the beginning that It doesn’t have to be fancy. However, any new features must be well integrated in order to justify their presence!

Simply is the most effective way to develop this kind of grip keep your focus on the basics. This is a lesson every skilled athlete is aware of and ProFitness also knows, considering that the product they offer is our top option!

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